FFXIV – A bunch of dumb nerds get murdered

Well if you want this tip Ill tell you that there are some housing areas in the game that can be purchase aether for personal use or for a guild (free company) and we alredy know that he’s in Couerl and that his guild names is Win10 you just need to check those 3 areas.

Lol what buddy. MMO mouse ? Really ? Like I need all these buttons ? Don’t make me laugh. All my buttons are binded to 1-7, Ctrl 1-7, aerwxc and Ctrl aer, literally no problem to hit the keys, really. If you need a gaming mouse for this you’re just a casul and need to git gud.

You really edit and produce your videos well, I really enjoy the FF videos, even though I have NO GODDAMN IDEA OF WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING, it produces some good laughs.

Feelsbadwhen your group filled back in the day just before my static at the time disbanded. Thank you for providing us with some comedy videos for the ff community though, there’s not enough around that show the reality of things.

lol pathetic idiots. you really think that if he became known thanks to DS, he like should dont ever playing something other and upload to his personal channel? try for yourself making content about one fucking game day after day after day, suka blyat.

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