FFXIV Allied NPCs in “Escape from Castrum Centri” die very very quickly, Combat unwinnable

ISP: Verizon

Type of Internet Connection:
Optic Fiber

Internet Connection Speed:

Date & Time:
4/1/2015; 7:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time

Character Name:
Ltheb Surlaint

Elezen M


Arcanist/Scholar 46

Area and Coordinates:
Area and map coordinates where the issue occurred.

Party or Solo:

NPC Name:
Biggs, Wedge, Urianger, Papalymo

Monster Name:
5th Cohort Eques, 5th Cohort Signifer, 5th Cohort Optio, 5th Cohort Medicus, 5th Cohort Hoplomachus, Magitek Vanguard H-1, Magitek Colossus, Magitek Field Generator

In-Game Time:
All of them? Time of day made no difference.


1 – Entered the battles associated with this Quest.
2 – Tried to complete the battles.
3 – Allied NPCs die far quicker than they should, rendering the quest impossible.
The 2 NPCs in the fights that assist the players (Biggs and Wedge in the first fight; Urianger, Papalymo in the second) lose health very quickly. They cannot avoid Area of Effect zones, and the Enemies in the combats focus on them pretty much regardless of my actions.
In the first encounter, you can either rescue additional NPCs to aid you (Urianger, Papalymo) but doing so takes so long to do so the mission will be lost before the second NPC is freed. Even the maximum stacks of Echoes I cannot defeat the enemies in this encounter faster than Biggs and Wedge die.
The second encounter is worse; Urianger and Papalymo are supposed to aid the player in this combat, but have so little HP or defenses, even if I cast Physick on them, their HP still drops faster than it raises. Due to the mechanics of the encounter, I need to leave the fight to those NPCs and defeat a Magitek Field Generator, but by the time I return, which takes less than 20 seconds, the 2 NPCs have lost at least 80% of their life, and due to the length of this encounter, because of the staggered waves of monsters, this encounter cannot be completed at all. I have 0 realistic input on my chances of victory.
I have tried numerous strategies and tactics, and gained the maximum number of stacks of echoes. I have adequate gear score (42 for my Level 46 character). I have used all my skills in the most efficient rotations available. Others have watched my stream and noted these NPCs die far faster than is possible to deal with.
I was instructed by a GM I contacted in-game to post this bug report here. I hope for a quick resolution as I cannot continue with the main scenario until this fight is complete.

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