FFXIV Anima quest is too slow

I am all for making people work for a good weapon, but there is a difference between a decent amount of effort and slavery here. I feel I should grind out the anima since I spent millions of FFXIV Gil on this weapon, but 66/240… The next relic will be out before I finish this! possibly 3.4. By the time I get the weapon there will probably be a new primal that drops better. I think if each sand and umbrite gave 6 instead of 3 it would be okay.

If we count only the tomes you get by doing the roulette itself:

1) Expert: 60 Eso
2) Lvl 60 : 100
3) Lvl 50: 120
4) Leveling: 100
5) Trials 60
6) Frontline: 50
7) Mentor: 30
Total: 520

However the dungeons itself give after completion tomes as well that adds to the daily roulette bonus. It looks like this:

1) Expert: 60 +80
2) Lvl 60: 100 + 100 (if you get antitower or lost city of amdapor (hm), 60 if you get Saint Mocianne, Pharos Sirus, 30 if you get Neverreap, Aetherochemical, Fractal)
3) Trials : 60 + 20 (some give 40 but others give 15 etc. So i went with the plain 20 tomes here)

Excluding the Mentor roulette in this case since it’s 3 pages I would have to list, that’s a total of : 720

Most of the dungeons as well as the trials have new player bonus, that’s another 100 – 35 tomes (varies on dungeon/trial) on top of the daily bonus, and the completion of the dungeon.

So yes you can get 900+ tomes a day, however it’s not guaranteed 900. I would go with the 720 since that’s more likely.

1) Expert: 60 Eso 30 min
2) Lvl 60 : 100 20 min
3) Lvl 50: 120 25 min
4) Leveling: 100 25 min
5) Trials 60 10 min
6) Frontline: 50 15 min
7) Mentor: 30 20 min
Total: 520 220 min 250 min including queue times.

I added the average times.. 4 hours a day ish to grind? so I have to be a video game addict to get this relic?
The social impact on peoples life from 4 hours a day is very negative. That is just on this only.
What if people want to do wondering or an ex primal? my guess thanks to relic, the average weekly play time will be 45hours a week. I might as well just cancel my sub if this continues.
I don’t have 4 hours a day to waste grinding like that. I can play for a couple of hours a day, I don’t always want to grind mid game content to get an end game weapon.
I guess I will have this weapon around December.

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