FFXIV ARR: How To Quickly Spiritbond Gear & Get Materia

True, and I think materia has been lower on their totem pole until recently. I doubt they’ll ignore the crafting/market much longer. They have to basically band-aid the market with each ilvl release.

I’d really like to see crafted gear include other previous crafted gear as material. Must have a minimum of x stats via meld and you can craft it into ilvl x+10, with slots open to meld new materia on it. This would make crafted items much more viable for the average person.

You need to be able to raid to get the stuff to uncurse (or even craft) the gear, and then high level crafters to make it and meld etc. Wish they would have left some of the stats from 1.23 alone though. I miss having +attack/magic attack, store TP and critical hit damage. I like that materia isn’t so random in the values anymore but its power level is so dramatically lower now (especially with the stat caps).

For those who complain about how Mr. Happy delivers his videos, quit trolling. Mr. Happy is “instructing” not only on the How… but also the Why. He is qualifying his statements and showing you everything about Spiritbonding.

If he didn’t spell it all out, half of you would be posting in the comments about things like, “Oh yeah, well how did you come up with the answers that you did because I think your wrong”… By explaining it, he shows everyone that he isnt just ripping off the info from someone else. If you don’t like his videos, go “read” a website that has the same content.

Some people want the easy answer but couldn’t care less about learning something. Those are also the people that probably just button mash and don’t even bother trying to “learn” a rotation. Take the time to learn the Why and you can come up with the new answers if something in the game were to change the dynamic.

Ok let me break it down for you all. The best way to spirit bond items, any rather it be battle, crafting, or gathering, is yes affix all free materia slots, if your high rank in an fc activate that which binds us 2, and go to urth’s fount in south shroud they are quick spawning water sprites lvl 50. That means water crystal drops as well. What I do is what I said above with a spiritbond potion active and a full party. 2 with thier battle gear preferably a tank and a AOE DPS like bard or BLM., and the rest with all crafting/gathering gear. thats a minimum of 66 tier 3 materias per full gear bond and a chance for tier 4 if your using ilvl 45+ gear. Have the tank run around and gather all the sprites and the BLM AoE them. Should spiritbond everything every 30 mins. Get rich quick.

I did some research of my own. So the grade of the materia doesnt effect the rate of spiritbond with higher grade materia. Also one time when I had materia affixed to an item that was below the grade materia required it made the higher up. It was level 44 and it made a materia 3, maybe it only being one level lower or the materia affixed to it helped but ive also noticed that as u materia farm sometimes u get level 4 materia with the closer to 50 gear and I can’t help but that think that affixed materia increases the chance of a higher grade of materia.

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