FFXIV Astrologian Ideas

Astrologian is a weak job. Here’s some ideas to hopefully remedy that.

Benefic -> 400 Pot

– Srsly why is this 380 when Physick and Cure are 400?
– Change the 15% mechanic to 15% chance next Benefic II will have 100% critical chance.

Light Speed -> Lets wait and see what SE does.

Spread -> Can use out of Combat, Change to keep the card in spread until shuffled back into deck. The card in the spread shares CD with Spread(40s). Reduce Spread CD to 40s.

– There was no need to make this only in combat. Apparently SE is thinking about reversing this.
– Holding onto the card of your choice until you remove it with shuffle gives you a certain play style with each card and makes the rng feel less punishing

Shuffle -> Shuffle drawn card back into the deck, if no card is drawn then shuffle your spread back into your deck. Reduce CD to 60s.

Side Notes

– Flame away.
– Will add more ideas later
– Fixed wording on Benefic notes.
– After some thought deleted ideas to Light Speed, Aspected Benefic and Ewer/Spire.
– Added rehaul ideas to the card system.

All those changes wouldnt do much still. The whole class is quite broken, most abilities need from tiny adjustments to complete rework(=collective consciousness). Also the mana issue is horrendous as soon as someone does some mistakes, due to lag or just not avoiding aoe time by time, im not even talking about ressing someone.
The whole card system is too random and not rewarding even in the best combination. For example 5% dmg buff for 8 people for 15 seconds sounds okay, but in reality with all aoes around and everything that’s happening very rarely all those 15 seconds will be used to deal damage, most of the time with people scattered around you wont even be able to put that tiny buff on entire team of 8 people, so if you turn to cleric stance and throw combust + combust II you are basically doing already more damage than your whole level 30-45 skills set combination that you shuffled and saved and waited for, in the right moment to use.

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