FFXIV Combat Realism & power of Jobs (class/job quest spoilers)

Hello everyone, I want to discuss the way combat is portrayed in cutscenes, and how it affects the might in Jobs.

The combat is gameplay is waaaaaay different than the combat in cutscenes. In the final rogue quest, Milala becomes mortally injured by a simple axe strike to her back. Every cutscene that shows combat has combatants being neutralized in about 1-2 hits. This of course shows that gameplay combat is merely a dramatization of what’s actually happening, if that.

Now this leads me to my second subject; how powerful are jobs? Is a black mage truly capable of wiping out an entire squadron of Garlean soldiers with a single Flare? They must be, considering the opening showed the black mage neutralizing a magitek reaper with a mere Fire (2?) spell. And that was just Fire! How strong is Flare, then!? Jobs are portrayed to be exceptionally powerful, considering how confident Widargelt was in his plan to take back Ala Mhigo. Just to sum it up: a single monk with the seventh chakra and a tiny resistance is enough to liberate an entire region of Garlean soldiers. Wow.

This basically means that no average man can stand a chance against any of the Jobs.

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