FFXIV Combat Too Slow?

MinkyMikaMeow I completely get and agree with what ur saying. I main summoner and NOTHING annoys me more than putting tri disaster up and having my fester not work because I pressed the button a little too fast. Completely fcks up my rotation, wastes my aetherflow stack and makes me miss an attunement stack. I also play some blm and the Firestarter proc drives me crazy cuz I hate missing it. Can’t say what ur saying is wrong or crazy because I’ve experienced all 3 of ur examples.

I just want to say something just like everyone else in here. Isn’t slow combat is how Final Fantasy games have always been? I should rather say (strategic combat) Shouldn’t people expect that going into a final fantasy game? I love this combat style it fits what they stand for and what they have created.

The combat only ever feels slow when youre on low level- Woth the tons of oGCDs you need to weave in between, while proper cooldown uptime and dealing with a shitton of different mechanics the flow of battle is very high, and the chances to fuck up a rotation especially in savage content is very high, whitch like most other mistakes in those fights can lead to a wipe. Thing is most people don’t even try, so thats their fault.

Never got to max level, but im betting your right. But the low level experience is the most boring combat ive ever seen in an mmo. Because its a mix of, you do almost nothing because of the GCD, and when you do something its not even impactfull. I got to 40 something, then i just gave upp. It was a chore, and right out boring to try and level upp. After the novelty of the artstyle, and the somewhat interesting quest went away, there was nothing enjoyable there at all.

So from my own experience i would say the problem is that the combat system is crippeling everything but the endgame epxerience. And if you want to attract new players that is a terrible thing.

Every criticism applied to ffxiv’s combat system and gcd is based on the fact that it doesn’t offer anything more than WoW to challenge the players. You have to jump through hoops and make decisions with most games. This game just makes it take longer.

FFXIV combat is about maximizing placement while perfectly executing your rotation AND reacting quickly to mechanics. The downtimes caused by the GCD is actually the shortest window of time you’re aiming to use for replacing when avoiding an attack. And it gets harder and harder as bosses give you less and less time to breath and you have to pop your off-cd buffs carefully to maximize your efficiency. Tham is right when he says boss fights are like ballets, it’s really big team coordination, pinpoint placing and timing while executing your “choregraphy” (rotation) perfectly.

I like to think that if by Garuda, when you have a first solid skill rotation and bosses start to get interesting, you still complain about GCD and the combat being sloppy, you’ve missed the point totally.

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