FFXIV – Dragoon Simulator

I genuinely don’t understand this joke. I have a 55 DRG and I’m typically the last to die if the team ever goes down. Hell I only ever die to high damage inescapable AOE’s or a mistimed jump and that’s not all that common. Don’t take this as bragging, I just don’t get why DRG is the “always first to die” Job when I see a lot more BLM’s and MNK’s dying first.

You have a few skills that lock you in place or can cause issues with where you’re standing which results in accidental deaths. You also have a skill used in your rotation that increases damage you take, resulting in sometimes dying from AoE damage if you have it on at the wrong time. Combine that with a rotation that has quite a bit of upkeep that forces you to play aggressively and it explains why many DRG often tunnel vision and die to avoidable things.

Eight Warriors of light walk into a boss fight, the boss swings their sword at the Warriors, who all jump to avoid it successfully, even the dragoon, because he’s already on the floor dead.

it’s simply because this class at the beginning the dragoon class had a Long animation lock, that made lots of dragons always die over and over, and it became the meme of the game, even today there are lots of loldragoon that poorly times their ability “jump” and end sup eating a hard hitting aoe and dies. every time a dragoon in your party dies changes are 90% of the time, some one will say ” lol dragoon” even the developers makes fun of it.

I’ll clarify, DRG is a comparitively hard to play damage dealer. I’ve got no experience with monk, but with blood of the dragon in the mix you have a lot of things to balance as well as a randomly generated finisher to your 4 hit combos in addition to making sure you don’t get animation locked. measured against bard/blackmage/machinist who are either shooting boomy damage or dodging, it seems like quite a bit extra.

We Dragoons are a proud DPS class, capable of inflicting great damage upon the foes we face. None can match our skill when we leap into battle, pierce through the enemy’s defenses and finish them of by invoking the very dragon that sleeps in our soul.

Rauser Jesus I’m in the same boat, until inferno started putting up ffxiv vids, I’d never even thought of playing it. now, I have 4 classes at lvl 60 and another at around 55, and all I have to say is curse you inferno for making me have no life anymore.

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