ffxivbook | Dragon Quest Heroes II “Meet the Heroes, Part IV: Carver & Terry” trailer

Square Enix has gone live with the fourth dual-character trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes II as part of its ongoing “Meet the Heroes” mini-series.

This time, we’re introduced with Carver the heavy brawler and Terry the charismatic swordsman, both from Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation.

Take a look:

If you’re looking to check out the previous trailers, click the following below:

  • Meet the Heroes, Part III: Maribel & Ruff
  • Meet the Heroes, Part II: Desdemona & Cesar
  • Meet the Heroes, Part I: Lazarel, Teresa & Healix

Dragon Quest Heroes II is due to release for PlayStation 4 on April 25 in North America and April 28 in Europe. The game’s PC counterpart is also due to release for Steam on April 25.

Final Fantasy Explorers-Force isn’t just a port of the original 3DS game on ffxivbook

Final Fantasy Explorers-Force is a new smartphone game based on the original 3DS title that pits you, an “Explorer”, against the series’ pantheon of summoned beasts. To do so you’ll need to take on one of many classic Final Fantasy jobs, and you can participate in missions with other players.

We learn today that this game will be a new take on the Explorers’ theme, not just a port of the 3DS title, and has a different art direction to boot. Instead of the super-deformed characters, the style now resembles something similar to Dissidia Final Fantasy. In this early look, it’s revealed you’ll be able to change your character’s appearance and equipment as you please, as well as participate in battles with up to five players. The ability to train in multiple Jobs will also be a main feature of the game – so far we can confirm: Thief, Knight(Paladin), Monk, Time Mage, Hunter(Ranger), White Mage, Dragoon, and Black Mage.

The “Trance” ability will also return, which will allow you to transform into a Final Fantasy character to borrow their power. Confirmed apperances are Cloud (FFVII,) Squall (FFVIII,) Tidus (FFX,) Vaan (FFXII,) and Lightning (FFXIII.) Returning summons include Ifrit, Titan, Diabolos, Fenrir, Ramuh, and Bahamut.

Square Enix is planning to release Final Fantasy Explorers-Force on iOS and Android platforms some time this year in Japan.

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Jobs & Summons

Returning Trances

ffxivbook – Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladiolus priced at $4.99; new details revealed

Square Enix has provided new details for Final Fantasy XV‘s upcoming character DLC “Episode Gladiolus”, due out March 28. According to an update on the game’s official website, those without the Season Pass will be able to purchase the content individually for $4.99.

Featuring an all-new story, Episode Gladiolus picks up from the events following the group’s encounter with Ravus where Gladio leaves the group to train alongside Cor and become even more powerful. He sets on a path to face challenges by encountering larger-than-life monsters along the way.

Each additional character episode will be sold individually as well, with pricing and more information to be revealed at a later date.

Recently Square Enix released patch 1.05, which adds a few new features to the game including a new level cap of 120, limited-time quests, the ability to take up to 200 pictures, and being able to listen to the music player on chocoboback. Read up on our full impressions for these and the game’s paid Booster Pack+ DLC here.

Merchandise pre-sale starts for FFXIV Fan Festival 2017 in Europe – ffxivbook.com

In the past, queueing up for new exclusive merchandise at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival could be as tough as an Extreme raid. I remember seeing large crowds waiting hours to snag a Delivery Moogle plush in London.

The queues for the Fan Festival store have been a huge problem and after making adjustments following events in Las Vegas and Tokyo, Square Enix has finally listened to fans. Today, the company opened an exclusive Fan Festival 2017 pre-purchase for new merchandise goods – some showing up for the first time ever.

An exclusive code was sent out to event ticket holders via e-mail, allowing them to select and pay for the items in advance before picking them up during the Fan Festival. The code can only be used for one transaction before it expires.

Here is a closer look at the goods premiering at the show:

  • Nanamo Mascot Figure – Allows limited posing due to articulated head and hands, about 8,5cm tall – 39€
  • Baby Behemoth Plush – About 34cm long, this little buy comes with a bonus code for the game, unlocking the baby behemoth as a dedicated housing item – 34€
  • Final Fantasy XIV Musicians of Eorzea Hoodie – Vintage white hoodie featuring an Eorzean-inspired re-imagination of a certain band of town musicians – 44€
  • Final Fantasy XIV Musicians of Eorzea T-Shirt – shirt version in vintage white – 22€
  • Final Fantasy XIV – Care for a quest, Kupo? – T-Shirt – natural colour, inspired by the Moogle quests – 22€

Other available items include new arrivals like the Meandering Mog Slippers, Hooded Spriggan Muffler, Job Pins and Plush Pouches (Bomb, Fat Chocobo, Moogle, Cactuar, Spriggan, Goobbue).

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2017 takes place in Frankfurt, Germany, from February 18 through February 19. Tickets have already sold out.

Merchfanfest.EU.Square-Enix.com:  Welcome to the Fan Festival Frankfurt 2017 merchandise pre-purchase website

FFXIV 2.51 0570 Weaver 1-50 (Powerlevel Guide)

I use Mithrie’s level 50 Weaver and also have a friend make all the required items for the Levequests level 1-50 below. This method relies completely on High Quality (HQ) quest turn in’s to be effective as it offers a 100% experience bonus when applied. Any level 50 Weaver should be able to help you craft all required HQ items.

I can’t get anyone to help me on my server (Zodiark)… You need a really nice person to take the time out to help with crafting the items and sticking with levelling to 50 or now 60. if you don’t have help this is hard to do.

Sad alot of my friends are not into final fantasy. sadder I got the wild rose gear set for my being a sub 810 days, the friendship of circlet braclet would have been more useful.

if you still care I would say get a friend from free company or shout in main city to craft HQ for you. Its breeze for lvl60 crafters to craft 50 and below stuff even with None quality materials.

When you crafted those 200x Spruce Plywood for the 10 Million gil video, did you buy HQ Horn Glue and Spruce Lumber or did you make them HQ yourself? What about shards, did you buy or farm them?

Hey Mithrie Really enjoy all of your Videos. Do you have any Macros for HQ Leatherworker Items with out using any other Crafters abilities? I just hit level 50 with leather worker and would like to make the most of it before Starting another Craft like Weaver.

big fan of your videos, and I know you made gearing up with 1 level 50 and 15 BSM earlier, but I was wondering about gearing up with all 50’s. Recently I have capped out all my stuff, and was wondering if you could make a video on where to go from there in order to better prepare for heavensward. Thanks!

may i ask about the rested experience? is it crucial or just a small bonus? im hoping to get back into ff14arr in a few months and i am trying to do some research early on. thank you for the guides, i would be completely lost without them.

You do know when you first teleport into Ul’dah or any major city, you can use that main large aetherite crystal you come in with, to teleport to any of the smaller aetherite locations such as the weavers guild, you don’t need to run around to find one of the smaller ones. Once again, a great guide though.

I’ve got some questions, if you don’t mind my asking. 1st, how do you get items onto your Alt? 2nd, if you can HQ all the items by yourself would you recommend doing so? I’m one of the only people in my FC that was lvl 50 crafters, and I don’t want to bother the other crafters. Also as of this moment I only have goldsmith and alchemist left to get to lvl 50. Gsm is at 32 and Alc is at 26.

HQ leves are pure gold. Funny enough I just did this last night with GSM. Took me 3 hours to take it from 15 to 50. Didn’t craft a single thing either. Bought everything from the Marketboard. Was cheaper than expected. Only spent a million gil on it. Drained me down to 4 leves though lol… Guess i’ll work on fishing while they replenish then do ALC next.

Queue times are now horrid across many data centers for both

Queue times are now horrid across many data centers for both, and there is a general lack of interest for the modes outside of the PvP community. To rectify this, Square has tried to liven PvP up with their Culling Time events, which for the most part, have been unsuccessful. They’ve live streamed themselves trying to play PvP on both the Feast and Shatter, only to sit in queue for 45 minutes and embarrass themselves as they fail to even play the game. How can it not be obvious that something is very clearly wrong when the community reps are boredly sitting in a queue during their own live stream and unable to play the game?

You need to change the direction of several things for both large and small scale PvP if you hope to revive it. This is a PvE game, and for some reason you think by introducing tiny rewards to PvP people will play it. It doesn’t make any sense.


Add more rewards. What do people currently get from Shatter? A re-dyed version of the ADS mount that plenty people already have? Oh, and maybe a title. With Seize, you introduced new PvP-rank exclusive gear, new titles and achievements, and a sick new gear outfit that wasn’t impossible to obtain. In a game that is sharply PvE focused, a single mount that takes roughly ~300 games to obtain is not enough incentive for people to PvP, especially if they hate the mode.

Which brings me to…Liven up the old modes. Let’s be honest. People fucking hate Shatter, and for good reason. It’s a Frontline “PvP” mode that almost seems to punish you more for PvPing and less for PvEing. You didn’t learn from your mistakes with Slaughter. People don’t want to chase drones/crystals down for points, they want to fight each other. You have three (I’d argue two) perfectly good modes that people arguably liked far more than Shatter, and for some reason, you keep them in the dust rather than adding anything new to them. Create a roulette, shove all the modes in there, and have people play them at random. This way people can enjoy the old modes as well as the new ones.

Keep the top-tier rewards for the top-tier players, but offer something for people mid-core and up, so this way new PvPers actually feel like they’re getting something if they PvP. Otherwise they just get a miserable waiting experience and no rewards at the end of a season. It’s silly.

Give more stuff to healers to incentivize them to queue. Only a masochist would queue as a healer for Feast (I’m one of them!) You get absolutely fuck all for doing it, and it’s (arguably) the worst experience out of all them. Feast is often lacking healers which massacres the queues. Other possible ideas.

This one is hilariously far-fetched, but it would certainly do much to liven the queues, although this comes with numerous downsides. Make PvP rank and Wolf Marks more useful. PvP rank serves little purpose besides more AP (which IS helpful), and Wolf Marks is by far one of the most useless currencies in the game. After you get your PvP gear, your only options left are…music scrolls? Other worthless items? What normal person would want to PvP if the reward after a certain amount of time is just a pat on the back?

I feel trinity design does not make for a very compelling PvP experience, personally. I couldn’t enjoy it in WoW and I can’t enjoy it much here, especially in the arena type modes – chasing healers around pillars got old after doing it once. Guild Wars 2 PvP (both structured and WvsW) was much more enjoyable to me and as linked above, LoL managed to keep me around for a very long time, that’s not to mention other MOBAs, shooters, fighting and strategy games I played.

True but PvE content gets outdated and replaced as gear increases, PvP is different it’s quite static in that regard you will never “overgear” or “progress past” in the PvP environment. Primals are fun fights too so there really isn’t much to put people off wanting to do them.

FFXIV 3.3 0907 5 Million Gil Per Hour (Insane Gil Guide)

In this episode I show you how to make 5 Million Gil Per Hour in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn after Patch 3.3 Revenge of the Horde in the Heavensward expansion. With level 70+ Leatherworker Desynth and some Gil to invest I mass desynthesis Bridesmaid Sandals which give 1 Fieldcraft Demimateria III. On my server they sell for 60k each at the moment and are highly in demand. This depends on your server economy. I average about 5 Million Gil Profit per Hour doing this right now! Get on it before the prices go down!

First of all, great work with this video =) I’ve been having some money issues recently, hopefully this can help. However, since I don’t have Leatherworker Desynth, I’m stuck with desynthing the Bridesmaid’s Tights instead in order to try this method. Secondly, I don’t suppose you know some good ways to level up Carpenter Desynth? Last I remember it was around the 77.80 mark or something and it’s been an absolute pain to grow since.

well you can buy crafting gear and materia. if you aren’t about that aesthetic life, then that’s basically what you spend your money on. gear. excluding glamour. that’s part of aesthetics.

Its really important to know that when your ‘per hour’ depends on loads of items being sold, that hour can easily become, 2, 3, 4 depending on how often you need to repost the items. it can also be like a month before you get your full return for your ‘hour’ of work.

It’s only been just over a week and the prices have gone down by half =( On Balmung server they are only selling for 33-36k each so lets say you buy 6 and only get 1 Demimateria, You come out even. I know each server is different with it’s economy so it’s something people should look into before dumping a mil+ on those bridesmaids shoes. P.S… Awesome guides btw. I followed your Leatherworking guides in hopes that i’d get in on this action in time. took less than a day to go 1-50 and 88.73 Desynth.

Just saying, but the Spruce Lumber has a better use. If you can keep your retainers running for Aldgoat Horns, or you stock up on them in another way, you can then make Horn Glues that, together with the lengths of spruce lumber, can be made into Spruce Plywood (HQ, fastest by making a macro or 2 for the proces), that then can be traded in Mor Dhona for the spectacles, which can be desynthed into even more FD3s.

FFXIV Heavensward: Power Leveling Guide Levels 1-34

Just a small addition to make to the “Adamantoise Tears” section as it really can be solo’d at any level once Camp Tranquil is unlocked. Since you won’t be taking any damage during Tears your own level and gear will be irrelevant. When “Tears” falls of the NPC’s level list then switch to the 30+ job that you had to unlock the leves in the first place and do “Black Market Down” (I think that’s what it’s called), it should be the one that involves simply killing 3 poachers. Then switch back to your levelling quest and do “Tears” until you need to do “Black Market” again.

Ok, so I’ve got a few questions – What’s a good way to level your friend past 20 if they don’t have a level 30 to accept leves? Is it viable to farm 30-40 mobs if we got a second level 60 helping out? Could mob tagging be done all the way to 50 if a third player was brought in?

You can do the Adamantoise one on max at lvl 1solo fairly easily once you are used to the placement but lvling the first few lvls are fast anyway. I usually start doing it at lvl 5 and then stop when I can run dungeons (before I go insane from tedium).

As happy says tho sometimes it is dropped from the list . I think it there is one called black market (been a while since I have done it) that if done will usually make it pop again but you cannot do this one such low lvl so if you dont have a higher job then you will need help.

Also sometimes a fate spawns in the top where eggs can be and if that happens and you are very low lvl when doing this (like 15 and below) then you may find you cannot complete it solo until the fate stops.

there is a spot just south of Quarrymill that is pretty easy to power lvl about 15-30. a high level whm puts a regen on the player who then runs around a small area picking up all the enemies, the regen rips agro to the healer making it safer for the lower lvl then after everything is picked up the whm just holy’s them all down for a pretty big chain bonus pull, wait for respawns and repeat. if you are looking to try this, as the whm i like to just sit down around South Shroud x25.3 y22.1, put regen on the player to be power leveled and have them just run around pulling everything close enough to agro to me without resetting, holy and repeat.

Either two runs of the Expert Roulette

At least with the oils you knew you were done in so many weeks AND had the option to buy them (for a crap ton i know but still). Umbrite you have one option period. Even with dailies your casually getting 2 to 3 a day at best. My point being that if they can do that with the oil….they could add in another place/way to get umbrite. It just feels weird they give you like 10 different ways to get the sands and then added one for umbrite, went to lunch and forgot to do more.

The problem here is that this whole tomestone system needed in every relic step makes it extremely hard to gear up multiple jobs. Almost everything you do from gear to weapons to relics require the same currency. You are mostly forced to gear up 1 maybe 2 jobs per patch then wait months till stuff gets nerfed to get items for your other jobs when they serve as nothing more than glamours.


I can dig the whole gated content behind artificial limits by using tomestones to force people to stay subscribed and not grinding their arses off for 1 month then wait till the next patch … BUT they should make stuff like the relic questline done via questing ONLY and limit the number of times the quest can be done each week. When they decide to nerf the step they can just remove the weekly limit.

New patch, new step, and…no easing on the Umbrite Grind, nor any other ways to obtain it. It’s kind of ridiculous when you think about it. You need at worst 80 Umbrite for the 230->240 Step. The only way to get it is 300 Lore a shot, working out to 24000 Lore. Meanwhile the new step is a greater leap from 240-260, yet has a pair of repeatable quests that let you earn its item, 17 a week. Then you can buy more tokens with Lore, but they’re half the price of Umbrite! So given a time period of 2 weeks, that’s 34 tokens from the quests, leaving 16 to be bought with Lore, at a cost of 2400. 1/10th the cost of the previous step, if you want to spend it at all.

I have been through every relic step from old to new and i know we have all felt the pain of grind. Im happier to say the atma stuff has seemed….kinder? (accept the unidentified items pre nerf) but a lot of those steps gave you multiple ways to get the items. From beast tribes to tomes to even random chests. Umbrite is a big ol frowny face. If they wanted to leave it just the one way for now they could at least make it have a chance to bonus from the very first one or up how many points you get per turn in by now. Don’t get me wrong though i realize this is one complaint of many along the path to Relics .

It’s just too much. Either two (rewarded) runs of the Expert Roulette, or two runs of ARF will only give me enough for one umbrite. That’s a good hour, for one item, which I’m going to need 60 of. And although people say that the sands are easy, I can’t see any that you can really grind without sinking even more hours than you’d need for the Umbrites. And on top of that, I have no idea how to allocate my stats, because people just give me vague answers, instead of some hard numbers to aim for, so I don’t even see it as being a good weapon when I get to the end of it.

The reason I recommend it is not efficiency. The reason I recommend it is variety. Its not worth finishing the umbrite grind as fast as possible by grinding ARF thirty times a day, the sanity cost is too high. Running the various DR’s brings in a lot of variety. Sure, you’ve done those fights/dungeons many times before, but at least getting a different dungeon keeps the grind from getting too boring. Run ARF too many times afterward if you want, but get that variety in to try to preclude burnout.

The umbrite step is worse than I remember. It feels like you put in a lot of time and effort to get a tiny, almost zero amount of progress because it wants such an insane amount of tomes. And the amount of tomes is the same each time you repeat the quest. I don’t think these type of multi-week grinds should make you spend 100% the same amount of time on repeats when you go back to do other weapons. There isn’t enough content to last through getting hundreds of thousands of tomestones; it is too many hundreds of repeat runs of the same dungeons to upgrade multiple anima weapons. And if we aren’t supposed to collect and upgrade many weapons then why is it repeatable and giving unique achievements for every upgrade of every weapon.

Fertilizing seemed to bring the plant up a whole growth stage


For some reason I was under the impression that harvesting would return seeds, but it does not. Just whatever it was you’ve planted (unless you successfully crossbred maybe?) Fertilizing seemed to bring the plant up a whole growth stage. I wonder how dynamic this is, if it is similar to Harvest Moon it’s to your benefit to prolong growth? We grew Prickley Pears, Mirror Apples, and Honey Lemons in a row with grade 2 glade soil, received 18 of the same fruits back per plant.

I’ve been trying to work it out a bit based on the levels of various seeds and their fruits, and my guess is that it hinges on using some of the teal striped seed types such as the rolanberry, prickly pineapple, and honey lemons to produce some of the seed bags with the teal stripes and dots such as the glazenut and apricot kernels. And I’m theorizing that mixing the fruit of a cross breed from the pineapples and honey lemons (apricots) and a pineapple and honey lemon will produce a glazenut. Probably be a few days til can really tell if any of this is true though since the time it takes for these things to bare fruit is quite a while.

The main reason that it is taking so long is because first you need intercrossed seeds (most likely) to even attempt to make a combination at making glazenuts. The rarest seeds take almost a week each to grow. I can tell you now that either the chance of getting them from the first posted combination is VERY low or completely incorrect information. So for many FC’s that was two weeks of wasted time. At least one currently growing combination should produce glazenuts now so come the end this week we should have at least one combination for every seed figured out. So considering the past week or so was basically a wash and this is the “real” third week of the masses figuring out the last undiscovered seed that really isn’t too bad in my opinion.

The mandrake results are interesting because they all had only flax and pineapple as neighbours but they all yielded completely different results. The different ratios of neighbours may have helped – lackofwords’ theory has been my assumption all along, which is why I’ve been using an oblong plot (well that and I hate how the scarecrow doesn’t look right in Mist).

This next planting is just alternating camomile and lavender to try and generate either Halone Gerbera or Nymeia Lily, but it’s mostly so I can get together an all-second-gen planting for after this planting so I don’t really care what happens as long as it’s a cross-breed. Mandudez is probably right in that we’re being too ambitious in expecting glazenuts and jute in one generation.

It seems a bit backward to design a medium sized option with more pros than the large, since gardening’s time sink is largely only desirable to get intercrosses in the first place. By continuing to limit yourselves to grids with 3 kinds of plants only you’re providing great numbers for a control test of those 3 plants, but ultimately limiting to any number of further potential intercrosses that might occur if “adjacent” is to be taken in a less literal term.

I got one Apricot Kernel from harvesting all eight, and harvested the Tomatoes first as suggested. The Apricot Kernel came from one of the Lemon plants. Friend in a neighbouring FC planted just the one Lemon and Pineapple and got an Apricot Kernel from the Lemon. I have now planted the same arrangement above but replacing the tomatoes with Prickly Pineapples. Let’s see if it’s any better.

Thanks for the guide. While that information was already known, I suppose it’s nice to see it all in one place. I am also wondering if the Sun Lemon-Orange and Orange-Sun Lemon will give Honey Lemons all around. They’re a bit pricy when I’m not able to go out and harvest them. I made one of my gardens pretty much random, just to have fun with the ‘deluxe’ seeds and discover different combinations.