FFXIV Heavensward: Bard vs Machinist

If you haven’t touched bard since expac dropped–which I suspect is the case for many of you–I’d like to remind you all that while it’s true that in the beginning, it was arguably not worth using, but but I’d like to remind you all that they re-balanced the skill a long time ago (like….maybe a month after it was released?). You are operating on nearly year old information. If you’ve played this game for any significant amount of time, you should know better.

For those who hit level 52 and then dropped the class, note that Minuet is one of those skills that becomes more useful at later levels; in this case, it reaches its full potential by level 56 when you have access to both Empyrial Arrow and Iron Jaws. Empyrial Arrow is Bard’s second highest potency skill (the highest potency being sidewinder with both dots applied), and Iron Jaws is love. Iron Jaws is life. Iron Jaws reapplies both your dots with the use of a single skill for less tp than it costs to apply just one of them using its respective skill. I’m honestly of the opinion that if you’re complaining about Minuet when you never even unlocked Iron Jaws, then your opinion is invalid.

Finally, it’s important to note that that casting time you hate so much isn’t a permanent thing. It’s affected by skill speed. At i220, I have 597 skill speed and a 1.44s casting time, which is just enough time to get 1 off-GCD skill in-maybe 2- before using another GCD skill. Which is how you should be playing bard anyway, casting time or not. As we gain access to higher level gear and more skill speed, that casting time will only go down more.

The old Paeon was good enough too to support the healer. It was hard to use at the beginning(it needed to time perfectly to prevent the unnecessary “activation”), but if u used to it, it was easy to use. At the start of the HW only few mechanic required the Paeon(WAR Berserk). With a non Warrior tank in the party usually i used for myself for prevent dots/debuffs. 30 sec was enough time to prevent Paralysis or Poison in Fractal or Foreverreap(yeah at that time Neverreap was annoyingly long).

I actually have a lvl 60 bard although I haven’t stated working on her lvl 60 relic weapon yet. I Love her and how she plays but I hate Wanderers MInute. I know that it needs to be used but I hate not being able to move while shooting. I am trying to get better at using it espcially in dungeons as i am at end game stuff for heavensward. My problem is i have a tendcey to die in some dungeons a lot. It isn’t that I dont know hwo it works i just have a problem getting out of attacks AOE’s more then others. Also I don;t think Iam uttout enough damage wven wheni use minuate any small tips to help me?

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