FFXIV Heavensward: Power Leveling Guide Levels 1-34

Just a small addition to make to the “Adamantoise Tears” section as it really can be solo’d at any level once Camp Tranquil is unlocked. Since you won’t be taking any damage during Tears your own level and gear will be irrelevant. When “Tears” falls of the NPC’s level list then switch to the 30+ job that you had to unlock the leves in the first place and do “Black Market Down” (I think that’s what it’s called), it should be the one that involves simply killing 3 poachers. Then switch back to your levelling quest and do “Tears” until you need to do “Black Market” again.

Ok, so I’ve got a few questions – What’s a good way to level your friend past 20 if they don’t have a level 30 to accept leves? Is it viable to farm 30-40 mobs if we got a second level 60 helping out? Could mob tagging be done all the way to 50 if a third player was brought in?

You can do the Adamantoise one on max at lvl 1solo fairly easily once you are used to the placement but lvling the first few lvls are fast anyway. I usually start doing it at lvl 5 and then stop when I can run dungeons (before I go insane from tedium).

As happy says tho sometimes it is dropped from the list . I think it there is one called black market (been a while since I have done it) that if done will usually make it pop again but you cannot do this one such low lvl so if you dont have a higher job then you will need help.

Also sometimes a fate spawns in the top where eggs can be and if that happens and you are very low lvl when doing this (like 15 and below) then you may find you cannot complete it solo until the fate stops.

there is a spot just south of Quarrymill that is pretty easy to power lvl about 15-30. a high level whm puts a regen on the player who then runs around a small area picking up all the enemies, the regen rips agro to the healer making it safer for the lower lvl then after everything is picked up the whm just holy’s them all down for a pretty big chain bonus pull, wait for respawns and repeat. if you are looking to try this, as the whm i like to just sit down around South Shroud x25.3 y22.1, put regen on the player to be power leveled and have them just run around pulling everything close enough to agro to me without resetting, holy and repeat.

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