FFXIV Heavensward: The Weeping City of Mhach Raid Guide

Few things I also noticed, 1st boss has those deep earth pirple orbs on both web phases not just the 2nd, and 2nd boss those zombie adds seem to explode if either not killed fast enough or left in a green puddle when it explodes.

I’m so glad you made this video. Hopefully this will make weeping city runs a little easier on new peeps! No more ozma wipes, amiright? Right? Cause I’m like, going insane at this point.

Too bad they decided the Weeping City of Mhach is too hard. I believe it has perfect difficulty. Not too hard, not too easy. The hardest thing about it dealing with people you get from Duty Finder.

I just did this one this week. And think the main reason it is giving people issues is because Void ark as a cake walk compared to this one. But it isn’t all that bad still.
And someone kept voting to abandon after every wipe on a boss. Someone finally said what I was thinking the whole time. Stop calling for the vote and leave if you want to leave so badly.

They’re the hotbar with key abilities assigned onto it, separated and blown up into a larger size to make them easier to keep track of. I do it to monitor cooldowns on my Warrior, procs on Bard, etc. Really helped me stay focused on maintaining them instead of getting lost in the rows of abilities when I was still learning.

First boss, OT should get the spider. Second boss, one tank each for the three main adds, any one of the OTs pick up the smaller adds (PLD should be on suc for stun though, imo). Third boss, not much, other than what Mr.Happy talks about, as each party has to have essentially a “MT”. Last boss really only needs one tank, though I guess OT can juggle enmity stance incase MT dies.

Just wanted to point out that before I came to this guide I went in blind, died alot, never cleared it, and enjoyed every second of the challenge. But now I need to get my weekly clear xD.

We had some idiot in my last run telling people to stand on the bridge when he turns into a pyramid…inspite of the wipes people kept listening. Nevermind stay where you are when you have the black ball…sigh..

I was expecting pain and suffering to happen when i first saw that Ozma was a boss in the Weeping City… i was not disappointed. And i love it. Great boss, great raid. First 24 man that actually requires almost everyone to know what to do, and a single mistake can lead to disaster.

There was a tanking strategy for the last boss that allows everyone to cheese that huge AOE attack of hers. Basically have the tank move her to the wall and keep her facing the wall. When either side of her hair turns into an axe, just have the tank move either left or right so the AOE attack goes towards the wall.

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