FFXIV Housing Demolition

SE is reactivating their Housing Demolition program, which was designed to make more housing available to the community via automatically demolishing houses of inactive players/FC. It seems to me that this isn’t much of a solution to the problem at hand: not enough player housing available. Server space is a real issue, but let’s be honest here: the problem isn’t a few players owning houses and quitting. The problem is a few players hoarding houses. Here on my server, there’s an 8 man FC with 40 houses. That’s just one example. A sizable percentage of the housing available is in the hands of a few.

So with a bit of background provided, here’s my solution:

1) Limit the number of houses a FC can own to some sort of combination of number of members and house size. This can’t be a static number per FC because some FC are larger than others. One small house would be appropriate to an 8 man FC, but a three large house equivalency might be more appropriate for a 150 man FC. I’d set the minimum here at 1 Large. And move upwards from there.

2) Limit the number of houses an individual can own to two: and this is account-wide. The only reason this isn’t one is because a player should have the option to upgrade.

3) Implement new wards with the above suggestions in place, and “grandfather” in current home owners. Current home owners shouldn’t lose the houses they already possess with implementation of this system, but they should be prevent from purchasing new homes until they come within compliance of this series of rules. Because grandfathering is a necessity, more wards are a must. As an alternative, add in Ishgard housing wards and make this system only apply to the new wards.

The fact is, many of us who CAN afford a house and want one will never have one because SE couldn’t possibly devote the amount of server space necessary to make housing ownership for everyone a reality. Still, this feature should be open to as many people as is realistically possible.

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