FFXIV OST – Alexander Prime’s Theme

Took me a while but here it is, alexander itself. I had to do some heavy editing to remove all the interruptions from the time freeze move so that you can hear the whole theme (the orchestrion version had terrible audio quality). It’s going to be an adventure trying to figure out the lyrics…

This whole cycle was a lot more light-hearted, action-packed anime fights than the somber tale of Coil.. Nothing’s going to top Coil’s story, for sure, but Alexander was an excuse to fight robots and have gobbiespeak lyrics, so it’s OK in my book.

According to FF Wikia, ‘It may also be a reference to the famous Macedonian king, Alexander the Great’, which is good enough for me. Additionally, in FF6 Alex’s Magicite is found in the throne room of Doma Castle (which I think was actually called the King’s Room), which could be further proof of the name origin.

Actually they don’t have a Japanese version. Soken, the music director for ffxiv (and other square enix games), designs the background theme and has koji fox, co-lead world and lore developer for ffxiv as well as translator, do the lyrics in english.

I remember one of the developers noting in an interview that the Japanese audience seem to enjoy the English song lyrics. the English lyrics also allow the music to appeal to a wider audience.

Another fun fact is that Soken is usually required to follow motifs and patterns for most music like the story and dungeon music design, but he has mostly free reign on design for most of the primal music which he likes to experiment with (hence a lot of the varying types of primal music from shiva’s theme to sephirot to sophia etc.)

“English is lazy. This is the English version of the song.” Tommy says, completely oblivious to the fact that all of the songs in Final Fantasy XIV are in English and not in Japanese. It’s much like Dark Souls, and how the game is dubbed in English. Despite the fact that Dark Souls is Japanese, the Japanese version is dubbed in English to make it feel more authentic to the medieval setting.

Well now we have 2 Primes in this game. Bahamaut Prime being the destroyer of Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 and now Alexander Prime who’s a living fortress seraph with him having 6 wings it seems and the power of time. I love this game more and more as these Primal Fights and the Prime fights here.

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