FFXIV Palace of the Dead Floors 1-50 Overview & Guide

Although I agree with this its still frustrating as in 4 runs on 41-50 we have wiped for various different reasons. Not asking them to change it just saying. I had an easy time getting my DRG weapon where as the warrior is proving to be more difficult.

The worst thing is that a new ,,trend” is already forming where people purposely wipe on floor 49 if they havent gotten an upgrade… while i can see that ypu dont want to do floors 1-41 again simply for another chance of getting an upgrade this is insanely frustratrating and infuriatin, epecially in a matched party when u are farming the shards.

today this happend 3 times to me where people pulled the entire floor and wiped the group because of this, and i think that this is, especially in a matched party, absolutely inacceptable, from now on i will report these players in the player support, im not accepting some cunts wasting my time because they didnt get their fucking upgrade….

This was fun. I hope there’s more later down the line. I’m challenging myself to see how far I can get solo Pld. From what I’ve experienced solo, its not really the mobs that are a problem, but the traps mess me up really hard. Got me playing like Dark Soul a bit. Everything is cautious, even the chests.

I just had a group started with 2 warriors a monk and a blm 41-50. I(warrior) start out with the monk behind me as the blm found his way to coffer with a mimic almost instant death the other warrior though tried his best fell to it as well. Mind you this is our 1st floor. We pushed to the revive Carin where after the second enemy in the room and two left the monk decides to try another route solo as the blm leaves the duty. I finish killing the third as the monk dies and then kill the fourth. Still not enough so i find I Minotaur patrolling and kill that. Finally I can revive them as the monk wanted me to suicide. The moment I revive them we get a great healer . Saving the run but pressed for time we made it to Edna. Unfortunately the other warrior and I are were the only ones to not got hit by cold feet and after the second cast of it enough glyphs were lit. Very long story short…a waste of my time yet an enjoyable one nonetheless.

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