FFXIV Patch 2.55 new card NPC’s and changes to rules & card sets

Here are the changes they announced:

Triple Triad has been adjusted as follows:
– New NPC opponents for Triple Triad have been added.
* No icon for Triple Triad will display over these NPCs’ heads. Furthermore, challenging them will not count towards the achievements “Triple Team I” and “Triple Team II.”

– The deck used by certain NPCs has been adjusted.
– The rules in effect when challenging certain NPCs have been adjusted.

Triple Triad tournaments have been adjusted as follows:
– The number of matches in Triple Triad Tournaments has been adjusted.
– The number of points received for winning a match has been adjusted.
– Players will receive bonus MGP based on the number of points they have earned when a tournament ends.
– Players will be rewarded a Platinum Triad Card depending on the number of points they have earned when a tournament ends.

Is random rule against npc’s now changed so that the they have a bigger card pool now? New card npc’s locations and which cards they actually can drop? They didn’t really specify it that much what was actually changed with the npc’s and which npc’s in general.

I can’t play for the whole of today so I am merely curious what the patch actually changed with which npc’s.

Post here if you have any info on the new changes?

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