FFXIV Patch 3.05 will be implemented in two separate maintenances

*Patch 3.05 will be implemented in two separate maintenances. This maintenance is the second of two, implementing adjustments to gatherer/crafter, including “red crafters’ scrip” and “red gatherers’ scrip”.

So am I missing something or are the other “adjustments” pretty much non-existent? They don’t seem to have added any new information to the patch notes, but I don’t see any even slight changes.

As much as I really dislike the red scrips as implemented, I could almost handle this if they actually added something to crafting to show they care in the least. No crafting from retainers or indeed ANY inventory management changes. No QoL changes to make recipe management easier, not even better search management that would have been a band-aid.

3.0 crafting overall has seemed just lack-luster and an after thought and I really was hoping this patch would be it. Seeing as it’s not, I really don’t understand what Square thinks they’re doing with crafting.

Crafting has been the one thing keeping me in this game because I have not really been able to raid much, but I would come in to craft, manage the MB and craft things for people in my FC. Really wondering what the point is with Square showing they don’t care/get the crafting people.

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