FFXIV Spoilers Heavensward Story

I decided to make a totally separate thread on this, as I notice some people on the [Final Quest] thread still have very little knowledge about how things are heading in Heavenward.

I am only 56 at the moment (just done Nidhogg), and liking the story so far.

I am slightly confused with the Holy See. From the trailer, you knew he was with the Ascian, hence I mentioned at some point “oh no, you are heading straight onto where Ascian has political power!!!”, then HW quests start and you head to Ishgard, he then told you about his plan with the Ascian. At this point I was like “ah that is how it is, so he is with the Ascian but really he isn’t”. But then more quest later you have him talking about working with the Ascian in the dark again, so it is getting real confusing now.

As for Lolorito, I wish I could have killed him myself at the house. Raubahn cannot do it as he wasn’t entirely innocent himself, but, I was already branded criminal by Ul’Dah, so even if I killed Lolorito at that point nothing really changed for the worse for me, I don’t know why I couldn’t do it. As I was planning to stay in Ishgard for the near future as well, whether Ul’Dah hate me or not, I don’t really care? Come find me in Ishgard if they are that pissed off with me! (if they can get pass the gate that is)

I think the HW story is pretty well made, I am enjoying them. Not sure was it in the same league as the ARR final quest though, but I have been told the Lv59-60 quests are very good, so I am looking forward to them.

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