FFXIV Suggestion: Differnt colors for Sacred Prism (WHM)

So i would have a suggestion for whitemages Sacred Prism in PvP (For those of you who dont know, its the circular area where everyone in your party suffers 40% less physical damage and gets an additional regen effect). The Problem here is that you cant see wich of those was casted by the WHM of your team. Yea, you get a buff that shows you when you stay in the correct one, but we all know how much trouble is going on in a 72 man slaughter game and how much Sacred Prisms are casted at the same time so you never know wich one is actually for you other than running into every Sacred Soil and hope that its the right one.

My suggestion would be, that the Sacred Soil for your party gets another color (maybe a darker blue or something) so everyone in your team directly knows where the safe area is. I only play WHM in pvp and i have seen it already so many times that my party members do stay outside of Sacred Soil because they just dont know that this specific one is working for them. I think it could be a great addition.

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