FFXIV Summoner or Blackmage

I know this question has been posted a dozen times over but nothing recently nor browsing them did I find my question answered.

So I started the game about 2 weeks ago I decided I like the Blackmage the Summoner and the Dragoon. I leveled them all up enough to know that while I like the animations of the Dragoon I don’t like the rotation. Which leaves Summoner and Blackmage.

I like the explodyness of the Blackmage. The big hits make me feel super powerful and I really don’t find survivability to be an issue. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve played so far.

I like the micromanagment of the Summoner. Keeping all my dots on the target and watching it’s health tick away makes me laugh and feel like some kind of super poisoning monster. That being said because I don’t see any numbers for my pets damage it feels underpowered in comparison to the Blackamge.

I’m having issues deciding between the two classes and was hoping for some advice keeping the following in mind…

I hear that they are going to fix dot damage in the game with the xpac making speed affect it. Which should give the Summoner a buff and one of my guildies told me yesterday we need a dedicated Summoner for our raids.

I do enjoy both classes but I feel the Blackmage has a little more instant gratification then the Summoner and it most definately plays faster. I find I enjoy the Blackmage just a LITTLE bit more then the summoner. That being said with the two previous points I mentioned what would you advise?

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  1. I started out the same way, but leaned more towards Summoner, because of the gratification of inflicting so much DoT with the Bio, Bio 2, and Miasma Stacks in conjunction with Fester and Bane. I feel like weakening the opponent and utterly destroying them is way better than just; ATTACK!! ATTACK!! ATTACK!! Plus the Egis are awesome combat partners. Especially at level 50 when you can control their Ultimate Attacks. Wreck Shit!!!
    My opinion.

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