ffxivbook – Final Fantasy XIV Bards Are Making Beautiful Music

A couple of weeks back, Square Enix finally gave Final Fantasy XIV Bards the ability to play real music. Now YouTube is filling with great (and only occasionally terrible) Bard performances.

Since Square Enix’s has users agree to not use the new Bard tools to recreate third-party music, most of the tunes showing up online are standard Final Fantasy fare. Here we see Solaris White plucking out the Chocobo theme with an appropriate companion.

While most Bards are starting off simple, recreating easy tunes with a single voice, others are taking things to the next level, recording multiple tracks and splicing them together. MintormentGaming’s version of “Matoya’s Cave” is just gorgeous.

Some Bard players, not content with being limited to the harp, utilize other in-game sound effects in their compositions. In an early attempt at multi-screen performance, Windy FFXIV uses hotbar switching noises as percussion while performing the game’s Alexander boss fight theme. Even more impressive, the performance is done using gamepad controls instead of keyboard.

One of the most impressive Bards on YouTube so far is ADZDarkStone, whose multi-track performances are breathtaking. Here is “Battle on the Big Bridge.”

Many of the more complex Bard melodies are being created using macros, pre-programmed instructions that hit the right note with the right timing. ADZDarkStone doesn’t do this, as demonstrated in his performance of “The Decisive Battle.”

It’s great to see the tools being used to recreate some beautiful music. I was worried that, in the wrong hands, the feature would be used for evil.

Dammit, Si Le.

ffxivbook | For Better Or Worse, Final Fantasy XIV Bards Can Play Music Now

Today’s 4.15 update for Final Fantasy XIV adds a massive new 48-person player-versus-player battle mode, but that’s not important. Bards can play music now. It’s beautiful and horrifying.

Players who have achieved level 30 as an Archer and have made the jump to the advanced Bard class can now travel to Old Gridania and finally learn to play that harp they’ve been carrying around. As long as the player can complete a quest involving clicking on a prompt, they’ll immediately gain access to three octaves of pure barding power.

A special “Performance” tab opens up under the “Actions & Traits” section of the character menu, featuring almost too many notes. By dragging these notes to the hot bar, players can use keyboard shortcuts to perform music, or at least make noise.

Here’s my clumsy first attempt:

Note that in order to unlock these “Performance Actions,” players must agree to not use the tools for performing third-party music of any kind. That’s totally gonna stick.

The tools are simple, but with the right macros and some synchronization, I’ve no doubt this new addition will eventually lead to in-game concerts, or maybe some musical theater.

For now, non-Bards might want to steer clear of Old Gridania until the cacophony dies down. It’s pretty painful.

Oh, and check out the patch notes to learn more about that new “Rival Wings” PVP mode. It seems nice.

Final Fantasy XIV Director Uses Kinky Meme To Congratulate Cosplay Winner  – ffxivbook.com

Yoshida (right) asks Yotsuyu cosplayer (in black) to “step on me, please.”

Toward the end of Games Com this past week in Germany, there was a cosplay contest for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Naoki Yoshida, the game’s director, helped judge it. “Step on me, please,” he told the winner.

Let me explain.

Stormblood was released earlier this summer. The expansion included new job types, locales, and characters, one of whom was Yotsuyu, the imperial viceroy of Doma. She’s a villain who interrogates perceived enemies of the state and plays to the dominatrix archetype. The below clip is part of the marketing Square Enix used to introduce her character prior to release and it soon went viral in the FFXIV community.


The best part of all this though is Yoshida deploying the meme in an fan cosplay contest in Germany. Square Enix had a whole stream dedicated to the game and its new content, but those three simple words definitely stole the show.

The game director was extremely impressed by the Yotsuyu costume. “Everything has been recreated so close to what’s in game,” the translator said on his behalf, before he topped the commendation off by saying “Step on me, please” in English.