FFXIV : This White Mage has SKILLS

I’m not sure that’s ever been the case. My current FC is about 50/50, and my encounters with other FCs seem to follow that model as well. My old WoW guild also had a healthy number of both guys and girls. I think the real difference is that now that voice chat is prevalent and makes it more noticeable, whereas before many guys simply assumed everyone was a guy.

When you’re in a party of 4 or more, your party has a shared Limit Break meter that builds as you fight. Everyone shares the same Limit Break Meter, so when someone uses a Limit Break, no one else can use it until it builds up again. You can build up for a more powerful Limit Break when your party has the maximum of 8 players, and when you’re fighting the final boss of a dungeon or trial. The effect of the Limit Break depends on the role of the player using it – melee DPS does an absurdly powerful single-target attack, physical ranged DPS does a linear AOE in front of them, magic DPS does a circle AOE wherever they want, tanks reduce the damage taken by the party for a short time, and healers restore HP and MP to the party. The most powerful healer Limit Break, seen in this video, completely restores the HP and MP of all party members within range, including those who are dead.

Trash healers. People think this is good just because the healer can press limit break… 1:55 had 18 secs to heal that dps ONCE… seriously. Should have had enough time from healing the tank to get at least one heal off on him. Here’s a thought maybe if the White Mage was actually good 7/8 of the party members wouldn’t have been dead in the first place. Good dodging, heals are meh.

Top comments are on about the voice. So disrespectful. owo I bet most of these people would be very heated if someone poked about something of them they didn’t like. If the voice gets to you that much mute, if you can’t watch without it next video or leave a dislike if you desire. Internet forbids if you see positives over negatives.

nothing special in this video except you all suck at the game. ifrit hard is so easy a monkey slapping the keyboard could clear it. uninstall and save yourself some trouble.

The reason for it is because I (the other healer in the video) kept dying. Hoshi had only started recording after Celi had already been kiting for like 5-10 minutes, and Celi tried to raise me twice but I died each time because it was my first time to the fight and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was an MP drain at that point.

I’m capped in Realm Reborn so for people like me this is still primary content. For most people, Hard is just for people wanting Poetics or Items, or quest progress which is mostly limited to just Relic progress. Everyone is synced down to level 50 but I don’t think it syncs level 50 player item levels.

I left WOW for ff14, its fantastic. The only issue I have is that i tried to get my bros to switch so they tried the 14day free trial and itgot them so frustrated they said ‘hell no’ to ffxiv with out ever playing. SE needs to fix the free trial fiasco. It didn’t work for me either when I tried it. I gave up and a month later said screw it and dove in.

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