FFXIV Palace of the Dead Floors 1-50 Overview & Guidethe Dead Floors

Great video and very helpful! I just started ffxiv arr myself and have a lvl 23 Rogue so if I start the quest for PoTD can I switch to a different job and lvl it in PoTD or must all the jobs I wish to lvl need to be lvl 17+ at least?

I’d say yes too. Not good at archer, didn’t like archer at all. Going into the POTD, gave me a better appreciation of the Archer/Bard. Found out ranged DPS has a ton of strengths.

New player here still getting the hang of the game, Im around lvl 22 right now, is PoTD something I should be doing/worrying about as a completely new player? Or is it something I should wait until I have a max class/job?

I think it is worth mentionin, that you can gain +30/+30 on your aetherpool equipment at the lower levels – no need to be deep for them. There is no soft cap of any other restrictions on the levelups of the things.

I personally had +30/+30 before I ever cleared floors 21-30, because I had a varying pool of friends who wanted to run the low floors, so there was a lot of repeating the low ones.

I just had a group started with 2 warriors a monk and a blm 41-50. I(warrior) start out with the monk behind me as the blm found his way to coffer with a mimic almost instant death the other warrior though tried his best fell to it as well. Mind you this is our 1st floor. We pushed to the revive Carin where after the second enemy in the room and two left the monk decides to try another route solo as the blm leaves the duty. I finish killing the third as the monk dies and then kill the fourth.

Still not enough so i find I Minotaur patrolling and kill that. Finally I can revive them as the monk wanted me to suicide. The moment I revive them we get a great healer. Saving the run but pressed for time we made it to Edna. Unfortunately the other warrior and I are were the only ones to not got hit by cold feet and after the second cast of it enough glyphs were lit. Very long story short…a waste of my time yet an enjoyable one nonetheless.

Red Mage? That’s me! [FFXIV Machinima]

I’ll always love Final Fantasy XIV and I try to play it in my spare time – sometimes those play sessions spur silly ideas for a video and so I make it a reality! This is all just in good fun, so I hope you enjoy them and can relate in same way as well!

such cool class designs and fantasies like I love 1h sword +caster like Forceblader in cabal but if only FFxiv was good game.. wtihout 2secs GCD and that weird thing where u cant spam a key so that u cast the spell upon stoping movement since it will start casting the while you move which leads to a delay/lag kinda bad coding consol port shit thingy.

The 2.5s GCD doesn’t feel slow once you hit lvl 60, you’re busy weaving oGCD’s between every GCD so you’re pretty much hitting buttons nonstop. As for mashing spells, near the last 20% of the spell cast you can queue up the next one. So if you don’t want it to queue, you don’t mash.

Yeah first of all, everyone says that but if the road to 60 is a pain why even bother. And second thats not what I meant. There is a bug/game issue where u basically like u would in EVERY other MMO mash a key while mid jump or mid movement so you would start casting that spell upon standing still but in FF XIV you start casting that spell regardless for like 0.3secs THAN the game notices you were mid movement/jump and cancles it which leads to you not being able to cast it right away as you should and would if the game was programmed and coded properly.

Some ppl might argue ”yeah but thats the way the game is designed and its a skill thing which is intended so you dont mash your head on your keyboard” but no..no its not, it comes from the first rly rly bad version of the game after the whole rework thing and the fact that its a consol game too.

NPD: Final Fantasy XV sees best launch month in history of the franchise on ffxivbook

Final Fantasy XV saw a big boost in the U.S. for the month of December, NPD reported today. The game was the best selling title on PS4 for the month and the second best selling title for December overall.

According to NPD analyst Sam Naji, “Final Fantasy XV saw the best console launch month in the history of the franchise selling 19 percent more new physical units than Final Fantasy XIII in its launch month and 54% more in total dollar revenue including digital full game sales.”

The game also managed to eek out a tenth place in the NPD Group’s U.S. games industry sales of 2016 list.

Recently Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy XV had surpassed six million units shipped and digital sales worldwide. The company plans on offering a wide range of paid and free DLC starting with next week’s Moogle Chocobo Carnival attraction.

Via: GamesIndustry.biz.

FFXIV ARR: How To Quickly Spiritbond Gear & Get Materia

True, and I think materia has been lower on their totem pole until recently. I doubt they’ll ignore the crafting/market much longer. They have to basically band-aid the market with each ilvl release.

I’d really like to see crafted gear include other previous crafted gear as material. Must have a minimum of x stats via meld and you can craft it into ilvl x+10, with slots open to meld new materia on it. This would make crafted items much more viable for the average person.

You need to be able to raid to get the stuff to uncurse (or even craft) the gear, and then high level crafters to make it and meld etc. Wish they would have left some of the stats from 1.23 alone though. I miss having +attack/magic attack, store TP and critical hit damage. I like that materia isn’t so random in the values anymore but its power level is so dramatically lower now (especially with the stat caps).

For those who complain about how Mr. Happy delivers his videos, quit trolling. Mr. Happy is “instructing” not only on the How… but also the Why. He is qualifying his statements and showing you everything about Spiritbonding.

If he didn’t spell it all out, half of you would be posting in the comments about things like, “Oh yeah, well how did you come up with the answers that you did because I think your wrong”… By explaining it, he shows everyone that he isnt just ripping off the info from someone else. If you don’t like his videos, go “read” a website that has the same content.

Some people want the easy answer but couldn’t care less about learning something. Those are also the people that probably just button mash and don’t even bother trying to “learn” a rotation. Take the time to learn the Why and you can come up with the new answers if something in the game were to change the dynamic.

Ok let me break it down for you all. The best way to spirit bond items, any rather it be battle, crafting, or gathering, is yes affix all free materia slots, if your high rank in an fc activate that which binds us 2, and go to urth’s fount in south shroud they are quick spawning water sprites lvl 50. That means water crystal drops as well. What I do is what I said above with a spiritbond potion active and a full party. 2 with thier battle gear preferably a tank and a AOE DPS like bard or BLM., and the rest with all crafting/gathering gear. thats a minimum of 66 tier 3 materias per full gear bond and a chance for tier 4 if your using ilvl 45+ gear. Have the tank run around and gather all the sprites and the BLM AoE them. Should spiritbond everything every 30 mins. Get rich quick.

I did some research of my own. So the grade of the materia doesnt effect the rate of spiritbond with higher grade materia. Also one time when I had materia affixed to an item that was below the grade materia required it made the higher up. It was level 44 and it made a materia 3, maybe it only being one level lower or the materia affixed to it helped but ive also noticed that as u materia farm sometimes u get level 4 materia with the closer to 50 gear and I can’t help but that think that affixed materia increases the chance of a higher grade of materia.

FFXIV Heavensward: The Aetherochemical Research Facility Dungeon Guide

On my run, we only killed ice and not the fire and it worked just fine. Also, we had the tank gather up all the orbs and the healer just healed through it. Was wondering what the better strategy was.

I think taking someone else’s orb does less damage than taking your own. I did this as a WHM and we had a very undergeared Bard who was getting nearly 1-shot by his own orb. Then he started picking up our DRG’s orb and suddenly I didn’t have to waste my Bene’s and Tetra’s on him.

I’m about to run this place for the first time, and I’d like to know what the Avatar’s missiles do to you. As somebody who never ran the Coils past turn 5, I’d like to go in with whatever information I can, and “Just do it, otherwise you won’t like the results” isn’t enough info for me. Is it an insta-kill? Massive damage? Major debuff? This early in the life of the expansion, yours is the only reliable guide, and this is information we need, so we can prepare for mistakes.

Other than that, I’ve been using your guides to get me through Heavensward content, and they’ve been a major boon! Thanks a lot for your hard work making the videos!

Just beat this tonight. And my responce to the final boss when it appeared was. ‘Well that’s not creepy as fuck.’ It kind of was. But a good fight. Mind you Bismark was still my favorite even if it took me 5 tries. But good mechanics there.

FFXIV: HW – 3.0 Advanced Dragoon Rotation Guide & Tips

That would work in an ideal situation when you can keep attacking the boss for all that time, but what about situations when you can’t? How should I adapt to changing fight circumstances? What are the priorities? You said to use cooldowns right as they are available, but which cooldowns were you talking about? Everything except life surge (which has to be combined with 4th or a full thrust) and geirskogul? Also, could you say more about skipping combos or redirect me to some guide? I tried asking uncle Google but he’s not been helpful.

I’m new to these types of games, and im a dragoon. The one thing im unsure about is how i should position my hands on my mouse/keyboard. Currently, i often end up with both hands on my keyboard with my left hand on wasd and on 1-5, with my right hand on 6-0. This however makes it impossible to use my mouse. Im not sure if i am supposed to be using my mouse during combat, but at the same time, i find it difficult to use my skills with one hand on the keyboard and one on the mouse. Firstly, i often fat-finger the wrong hotkeys on 6-0. Secondly, pressing those hotkeys requires me to lift my left hand off of wasd, making it impossible to move around.

You’re going to have to get used to using ALT/CTRL for keybinds if you do not have an MMO Mouse, as well as using q,e,t,c,v etc. That’s the only way to use all of the buttons required. You should never keybind more than 1-5. I can only reach 1-4 as I have smaller hands.. 6 and onwards are too hard for anyone to reach, unless you literally have giant hands.

i scrapped the usage of the alt/ctrl cause of a self perceived lack of coordination. the method i used was to keybind 4 of the hotbars into the shape of the keyboard and map it to the qwerty layout with 1 through = on top. in that setup i bound the skills into groups based on the part of the rotation i was at to allow for “free flowing” utilization. everything is available with a single key stroke. im probably the only one in my fc that does this, but i find it to be the most efficient setup for myself.

Thanks for this Dervy. Been away from the game for 7 months and just came back and used this video last night to re-train my dragoon. I really appreciate your explaining how to maximize your GK + B4B usage. It was easy to manage once I got the hang of it.

Whats the minimum attributes that I need to successfully pull off his rotation? My SS is 697 and on the opener i cannot seem to get the last tier 4 before the BoD drops. Now with 3.2 I’m not for sure if the SS requirement has changed from the previous 590.

I’m currently at ilvl 199 and I cant seem to go above 1.3k 3min parse, is it because I’m too slow or I’m just bad. I’m using your opener btw and my ping is roughly 280ms. Reason I ask is because people keep bothering me how it should be higher.

Final Fantasy XIV Gets A Raid In Ivalice – ffxivbook.com

As if Final Fantasy XIV wasn’t rad enough already, last night Square Enix announced that one of the game’s next raids will head to Ivalice, the world of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII. And, most importantly, the raid will be designed and written by Yasumi Matsuno, the director of those games.


The Return to Ivalice raid is just one of the new features in Stormblood, the Final Fantasy XIV expansion that will launch on June 20, 2017. Director and general badass Naoki Yoshida also announced that Stormblood will bring with it swimming, diving, a boss fight against the running Final Fantasy villain Omega, and a new class: Red Mage.

Square didn’t offer any further details on Return to Ivalice, although they did add that longtime Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu is composing the Stormblood theme.

Final Fantasy XIV remains one of the best Final Fantasy games you can play today, if you have patience for MMO-style combat—and the monthly subscription.

FFXIV OST – Alexander: Cruise Chaser’s Theme

I love how varied the music is in FF14. Not every boss battle has to sound all doom and death. I was playing the new Emerald nightmare raid in WoW and while the raid itself was good I noticed the music was just sooo boring. The raid included nightmare versions of existing areas and they didn’t even remix the music from those areas.

It also comes down to the quality of the music lol. Jeremy Soule makes western styled background music that is absolutely great to listen to all the time, many others do not.

i doubt blizzard can match ff even if they try the Japanese take game orchestral very seriously its not just ff check out Zelda wild arms the list gos on and on some of the greatest sound tracks ever and i mean ever.

In the sound when they scream FORWARD AND BACK, to anyone else, does it sound like the voice is trying to mimic a sound of gears harshly grinding against each other at high speed? If you’ve ever had homemade ice cream, the ice cream churn sounds similar when it’s grinding inside to churn the ice cream xD Does anyone get what I meant?

Maddi Kitten I thought they were saying “Fly, butterfly” because of the whole ‘a single beat of a butterfly’s wings could cause a hurricane on the other side of the globe’ thing. Like, chaos theory or something.

It is also a double-reference. It is meant to embody Ark from FF9, whose transformation scene is extremely, extremely similar and just so happens to gain power from Lapis Lazuli in your inventory.

this crap becomes the sound of your sanity ebbing away.love it, but one of these runs im gunna be found rocking in a corner insanely muttering “forward and back and then Forward and back and then go foreward and back and put one foot foreward” over and over.

FFXIV – Dragoon Simulator

I genuinely don’t understand this joke. I have a 55 DRG and I’m typically the last to die if the team ever goes down. Hell I only ever die to high damage inescapable AOE’s or a mistimed jump and that’s not all that common. Don’t take this as bragging, I just don’t get why DRG is the “always first to die” Job when I see a lot more BLM’s and MNK’s dying first.

You have a few skills that lock you in place or can cause issues with where you’re standing which results in accidental deaths. You also have a skill used in your rotation that increases damage you take, resulting in sometimes dying from AoE damage if you have it on at the wrong time. Combine that with a rotation that has quite a bit of upkeep that forces you to play aggressively and it explains why many DRG often tunnel vision and die to avoidable things.

Eight Warriors of light walk into a boss fight, the boss swings their sword at the Warriors, who all jump to avoid it successfully, even the dragoon, because he’s already on the floor dead.

it’s simply because this class at the beginning the dragoon class had a Long animation lock, that made lots of dragons always die over and over, and it became the meme of the game, even today there are lots of loldragoon that poorly times their ability “jump” and end sup eating a hard hitting aoe and dies. every time a dragoon in your party dies changes are 90% of the time, some one will say ” lol dragoon” even the developers makes fun of it.

I’ll clarify, DRG is a comparitively hard to play damage dealer. I’ve got no experience with monk, but with blood of the dragon in the mix you have a lot of things to balance as well as a randomly generated finisher to your 4 hit combos in addition to making sure you don’t get animation locked. measured against bard/blackmage/machinist who are either shooting boomy damage or dodging, it seems like quite a bit extra.

We Dragoons are a proud DPS class, capable of inflicting great damage upon the foes we face. None can match our skill when we leap into battle, pierce through the enemy’s defenses and finish them of by invoking the very dragon that sleeps in our soul.

Rauser Jesus I’m in the same boat, until inferno started putting up ffxiv vids, I’d never even thought of playing it. now, I have 4 classes at lvl 60 and another at around 55, and all I have to say is curse you inferno for making me have no life anymore.

FFXIV OST – Alexander Prime’s Theme

Took me a while but here it is, alexander itself. I had to do some heavy editing to remove all the interruptions from the time freeze move so that you can hear the whole theme (the orchestrion version had terrible audio quality). It’s going to be an adventure trying to figure out the lyrics…

This whole cycle was a lot more light-hearted, action-packed anime fights than the somber tale of Coil.. Nothing’s going to top Coil’s story, for sure, but Alexander was an excuse to fight robots and have gobbiespeak lyrics, so it’s OK in my book.

According to FF Wikia, ‘It may also be a reference to the famous Macedonian king, Alexander the Great’, which is good enough for me. Additionally, in FF6 Alex’s Magicite is found in the throne room of Doma Castle (which I think was actually called the King’s Room), which could be further proof of the name origin.

Actually they don’t have a Japanese version. Soken, the music director for ffxiv (and other square enix games), designs the background theme and has koji fox, co-lead world and lore developer for ffxiv as well as translator, do the lyrics in english.

I remember one of the developers noting in an interview that the Japanese audience seem to enjoy the English song lyrics. the English lyrics also allow the music to appeal to a wider audience.

Another fun fact is that Soken is usually required to follow motifs and patterns for most music like the story and dungeon music design, but he has mostly free reign on design for most of the primal music which he likes to experiment with (hence a lot of the varying types of primal music from shiva’s theme to sephirot to sophia etc.)

“English is lazy. This is the English version of the song.” Tommy says, completely oblivious to the fact that all of the songs in Final Fantasy XIV are in English and not in Japanese. It’s much like Dark Souls, and how the game is dubbed in English. Despite the fact that Dark Souls is Japanese, the Japanese version is dubbed in English to make it feel more authentic to the medieval setting.

Well now we have 2 Primes in this game. Bahamaut Prime being the destroyer of Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 and now Alexander Prime who’s a living fortress seraph with him having 6 wings it seems and the power of time. I love this game more and more as these Primal Fights and the Prime fights here.