FFXIV Wolves den challenge log impossible to achieve?

I’m trying to burn through PvP to rank to 44 so I can wear the gear for glamour vanity – plus I find PvP entertaining and fun.

So as I’m slowly trudging through the ranks I’m realizing that 1-3 frontlines matches a night is literally going to take many months to get to that rank (especially at the rate that the Twin Adders are losing on Aether). My goal is to get there as fast as possible, with limited time to play. When I say 1-3 frontlines a day, that’s about all I’m doing / focusing on when I’m logged in.

So what I’ve done with leveling and crafting is using the weekly challenge log items to really help buffer the leveling process. Especially since the rewards scale with level, they can really offer a nice boost every week. I hit the Frontlines challenge log items without too much trouble (there’s definitely been weeks where I couldn’t pull 3 wins – that really sucks!), but for Wolves Den is seems virtually impossible.

I’ve spent probably around 6+ hours getting in queues for wolves den, and I’ve only ever played a single wolves den game. I queue for lvl 30, 40, 50 (i80 synched) and check “join party in progress”. It always says average wait time is 5 minutes but when I wait I’ll get to 45m – 1.5 hours before I leave out of frustration or I wasted all the time I had for the night just sitting in queue and never getting in a game. I really want to utilize that challenge log EXP for wolves, but I can never get in a game. It’s always better to just queue for frontlines because they pop within a more palatable 15-40 minutes – and that’ll net me more PvP EXP than waiting extra time trying to get in wolves den.

My FC is very casual, and not interested in PvP, and not numerous enough to form 2 parties to trade wins back in forth which seems to be a common practice as I research around. Heck, my entire server (Mateus) seems disinterested in PvP in general. Using party finder and /shouts I can not get anyone interested in even making a premade to just queue as 4.

So what’s a good solution for this? I can queue for wolves den 1.5 hours every single night of the week and play 1 wolves den match if I’m lucky. There’s a real problem there. Why is Wolves Den so barren (or otherwise non-solo-queue-friendly?)

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