Final Fantasy XIV 3.0 Quality of Life Suggestions

Disclaimer: This list is not populated solely with suggestions for new 3.0 content. If you would like to support or oppose a suggestion, please use the quote feature to respond with any reasoning. You may also wish to start your own thread if you have your own Quality of Life suggestions, as this thread may become extensively long and your suggestion could be lost in an abyss of pages by the dozens. Thank you and let’s get started!

1.) Low, Mid, and High Level Roulettes. Low level roulette would consist of Sastasha Seagrot, Tam-Tara Deepcroft, Copperbell Mines, Halatali, The Bowl of Embers, Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak and Haukke Manor. Mid level roulette would consist of Brayflox’s Longstop, The Navel, The Sunken Temple of Qarn, Cutter’s Cry, The Stone Vigil, The Howling Eye, Dzemael Darkhold, The Aurum Vale, The Wanderer’s Palace, and Amdapor Keep. High level roulette would lose The Wanderer’s Palace and Amdapor Keep and gain non-expert roulette Heavensward dungeons: The Dusk Vigil, Sohm Al, The Aery, The Vault, and The Great Gubal Library. (Note: they are working on adding exp to mobs in the current level 50 dungeons.)
Purpose: Fleshes out the roulette system a bit, while adding an additional way to receive EXP and tomestones.

2.) Extreme Trial Roulette. Contains all of the 2.0 – 2.55 era extreme trials, but none of the Heavensward ones.
Purpose: Mostly an additional way to get EXP in Heavensward as well as tomestones.

3.) Remove the suppression of Limit Break gauge gain when there are multiples of the same class in a party. This may have been an OK idea at one time, but I feel like there is a much better balance of classes among the community now.
Purpose: Frankly it’s just disheartening to do the same fight twice, with two different party setups, and be punished by gaining limit breaks at HUGELY different times in the fight. It’s not fair anymore and it needs to be reverted.

4.) Add a first-time EXP bonus to all of the content in the game, for each class. I found it to be very enjoyable once they did this for guildhests. But I’d really love to see this done for all the dungeons, trials and raids as well.
Purpose: Makes leveling a little easier and sort of causes players to experience all of the content on each class, which is a good thing! People tend to learn their classes a little better when they are placed into different situations with different mechanics and different circumstances.

5.) Make pets teleport to their owner if the pet is outside of a boss fight when the fight becomes locked.
Purpose: Currently if this happens, your pet will disappear and need to be resummoned. This is a huge detriment to pet classes!

6.) Make FATE areas bigger.
Purpose: With many FATEs the mobs will spawn far out of the FATE’s area restriction, thus causing you to lose Level Sync and be unable to attack the mobs.

7.) When in a pre-made party of any size, show who in your party has or has not readied for duty when the queue has popped, just like the ready check window does.
Purpose: This information is important!

8.) Add “Report Spam” function.
Purpose: When right clicking a player or their name in any list, the Report Spam function would appear in the pop-up list. This would be a simple one button press (okay, it needs a confirmation window too eh?) that not only automatically ignores the target, but causes a log of the last 10 messages from the target to be sent to SE.

9.) Add “Report Cheating” function.
Purpose: When right clicking a player or their name in any list, the Report Cheating function would appear in the pop-up list. This would bring up a pre-filled out form with information such as the target’s name, server, time/date and location. You can then just quickly fill out the additional details section yourself. Currently having to fill out ALL of this information EACH time you wish to file a report is tedious.

10.) When placing an item for sale on your retainer that you are already selling one of, make the default price the same.
Purpose: Having to type the same price over and over for many of the same item is tedious.

11.) As long as your FC member rank allows you to remove items from the Company Chest, count the chest contents when using the “search for item” function.
Purpose: No reason not to have this!

12.) Add a Company Chest to Ishgard.
Purpose: Personally I think they were always planning to add this in a patch sometime anyway, but just incase.

13.) Enable the use of crafting materials straight from our retainers without having to put the items in our inventory.
Purpose: Huge quality of life improvement for crafters. There are just so many items in the game, it can be overwhelming to juggle them all around.

14.) Along with the current numerical progress of synthesis, also show it as a percentage.
Purpose: Just a little quirk. It shows it for quality, why not progress?

15.) Add a retainer bell to the FC Workshop as long as there is a retainer bell placed somewhere within the FC house.
Purpose: Sanity! Highly requested feature. Having to run in and out of the workshop for items is tedious and annoying.

16.) Turn gardening plots into just one clickable node. Clicking the plot will bring up a window similar to the “Remodel Interior” window for housing.
Purpose: The window would display all plots and has a simple drag and drop interface. It would show a list of all seeds and soils in your inventory. You’d also be able to tend and fertilize all plants at once. I actually also suggest removing fertilizer from the game and combining tending and fertilizing into a single function.

17.) Remove the “tended” gardening messages from the FC activity list.
Purpose: It’s pointless and there are far more important things to see that these messages just push further down the activity list. This may not be as bad if #16 above is implemented.

18.) Let us train our chocobos from the stable whether our chocobo is stabled, summoned, or neither.
Purpose: It’s really annoying to have to stable your chocobo every time you want to feed it, and then fetch it back out.

19.) Allow placement of holiday furniture and items into the Armoire, or add a new separate piece of furniture for it.
Purpose: There are thousands upon thousands of items in the game, and we can only hold a few hundred!

20.) Allow Relic weapons to be placed in the Armoire.
Purpose: See #19 purpose.

21.) Add airship venture cutscenes to the list of skippable housing cutscenes.
Purpose: Currently even with the “skip housing cutscenes” option turned on, we still see the airship cutscene every time we send one out on an exploratory voyage.

22.) Place the Currency Tab once again on the Character Sheet, while moving the Reputation Tab instead. This is a complaint I have heard from so many people.
Purpose: We all look at the Currency Tab way way more than the Reputation Tab.

23.) Clickable URLs. I feel that this could already be coming when add-ons arrive, but it sure would be nice.
Purpose: Open your web browser by clicking URL links in the game.

24.) Make the company board bigger.
Purpose: It’s simply far too small and very little information or messages can be written on it. Most of the time you can’t even fit a URL in it without using a URL shortener.

25.) “Notes” section of Free Company window. I think it’d be great to have a section on the Free Company window where we could write out a lot of important information for our members.
Purpose: URLs to valuable documents and other info or websites, or any other purpose.

26.) Remove reward theme music for turning in supply and provisioning missions to Grand Companies.
Purpose: There’s just no need for the music. We are typically turning in many items at a time and it’s just annoying, really.

27.) Remove the bagpipe music from Helix. You may laugh, but out of all the things on this list, this is one of the things that gets to me the most LOL.
Purpose: It’s soooooooo immersion ruining! It doesn’t fit the area at all, and setting a scene and a mood is something that Final Fantasy music always does right. The song isn’t bad, it’s just playing in a spot it definitely shouldn’t be. Simply remove the music and let the Azys Lla zone music play!

28.) Add the /bgm command.
Purpose: Toggles the music off or to the volume you had it set to before.

29.) Add an option to turn the combat music off.
Purpose: This is a highly requested feature. I was very glad when I visited Azys Lla to find that the zone music continues to play even during combat. Again, the combat music isn’t bad, but when you hear it so much it does start to get old. It would be nice to just hear the zone’s music while fighting sometimes.

30.) Separate hotbar sets for PVP. Having an entire extra skill set for PVP makes it hard to just throw your abilities at the end of your current PVE hotbars and use them effectively.
Purpose: This and the other PVP suggestions are not only for quality of life improvements, but to get more players interested in PVP and to ensure it is enjoyable for them so they continue to engage in it.

31.) Remove Grand Companies from PVP. This is surely a tried subject, but I assure you this is the #1 quality of life improvement that can be made to FFXIV PVP. I understand the desire to have the Grand Companies be a part of the PVP storyline, but it is hampering on the enjoyment of PVP for the player base, which should be the #1 concern. The two main issues that arise are a.) the 3 sides will never have the same numbers – one team will always have more members and thus their queue times will always be higher, and b.) most people want to PVP with their friends, not against them. I feel that when we all picked our Grand Company in the storyline, it was completely from a PVE and storyline perspective – not from a PVP perspective. And so when players get high enough level, they often find they have to switch Grand Companies to experience PVP with their friends or free companies and this is not enjoyable.
Purpose: See #30 purpose.

32.) Instantly enter upon queuing for Frontlines. When starting a new game of Frontlines, players will queue and be placed into the battle instantly. Assuming we’ve taken from #31 and removed Grand Companies from PVP, we’re still left with 3 teams: Blue, Yellow, and Red. A player queues, and they are entered on the blue team. The next player that queues gets placed on the yellow team. And the next on the red team, and so on and so forth. The battle will still start at the appropriate time, and players can still continue to join (perhaps up to a certain amount of time, you don’t want people joining too close to the end) up to the 72 player cap even after battle has started.
Purpose: See #30 purpose.

33.) Allow players to enter Frontlines Roulette as a group.
Purpose: See #30 purpose.

34.) Make Frontlines Roulette give the same amount of Esoterics as Expert Roulette.
Purpose: See #30 purpose. This will really get people queuing!

Thank you for reading!

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