FINAL FANTASY XIV Dungeon Roulette Bias

Specifically low level roulette.

Now I definitely understand that low level roulette wants to prioritize new players. That makes all the sense in the world. But I was a new player once, and I don’t remember Tam Tara Deepcroft and Thousand Maws of Toto-rak being the only dungeons I EVER RAN, EVER.

Seriously. What’s with these two specific dungeons? I’ve been doing a low level roulette every day for months to level my off jobs and I seem to be getting these two dungeons way more than I should.

I was actually thrilled yesterday to get a Haukke Manor (probably the third most common dungeon, but by an extreme margin).

Every time, there’s someone in there for the first time. So I do get it. But just a little while ago I got Tam Tara in a party full of people on jobs. And so I have to conclude that nobody needed Tam Tara for story completion. From the look of their gear, Brayflox’s Longstop would’ve been a much more appropriate dungeon to put us in.

I would seriously appreciate if SE could look into this. A dungeon roulette should be random. This does not feel random to me. Furthermore it doesn’t help me learn my job when all I do is level 19 dungeons all the way up to level 50. I was in Stone Vigil the other day (manual queue) and I had to reread some of my cooldowns because I honestly couldn’t remember what they did. I spend so much time in level 19 dungeons that actually having buttons to push was a new experience for me.

This is not how this is supposed to work.

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