Final Fantasy XIV Paladin tips


I’m still a bit inexperienced in the art of tanking, and after lurking a bit here I’m wondering about some things :

How should I stance dance as a paladin ?
On current content I’ve only been switching to Sword Oath when I’m not going to take much damage if any (for example, burst phases on Ravana EX and the Pillars of Heaven follow-up until he starts throwing shockwaves). I feel like I take too much damage otherwise as MT in Sword Oath, and I have to use RoH far more often if I don’t want to lose hate to the WAR OT.

How do I use my cooldowns effectively ?
I’ve seen that a lot when reading about STR accessories but I’m not quite sure I’m doing it right. I usually cycle through them if there isn’t huge damage spikes, and keep them for tankbusters otherwise. I also use them if the party is taking a lot of damage, a healer is down/incapacitated, or if I have to take a few adds.

What about Cover ?
I can’t really find a lot of use for it, I’ve only been using it on healers when adds are popping so they won’t take damage before the latter actually turn on me with the lag, and on “adds you can’t tank” mechanics.

Is the STR debuff from RoH really important ?
5% seems really low so is it worth it to keep the RoH-GB-RA-RoH cycle up on fights with no tankbusters/high tank damage or should I maximize my dps as long as I can keep hate ?

Should I use off-GCD abilities as soon as I can or wait for when I’m actually on GCD because of the animation windup ?
Both methods waste seconds in different places and I’m not sure which is optimal.

EDIT, something I forgot : Best way to keep my TP up ?
I heard Shield Swipe is good for that but that it is a dps loss. However do I lose out on more damage if I use it or if I run out of TP ? Keeping in mind that using it will also force me to refresh GB earlier or lose a few seconds on it. It’ll completely break the ROH-GB-RA-ROH cycle too.

Throwing a Clemency from time to time seems like a good way to save some points as well.

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