Floor FFXIV AoE in various patterns

You probably misunderstand what I’m saying or don’t understand fight concepts different than what we have that actually would work with the game we currently have. What we currently have…is the same thing….Every duty. Mechanics may SEEM different…but normally…its exactly the same. Once we realize this…it becomes natural again as it should be.

My observations are like this…I’m a healer so I see this all too often.

Floor AoE in various patterns – AoE is dangerous don’t stand in it. We get a new duty, people act like its the first time they’ve seen this before.
Gathering mechanic. – New duty, everyone acts like its the first time they’ve seen it before.
Mob with the same moveset every time we encounter it – New duty, this same moveset seems to catch everyone by surprise.

This may seem totally unrelated, but it’s not. Because you see, these mechanics, once recognized as familiar, become easy footwork, sometimes able to be ignored, and then it becomes nothing but a fight full of rotation, rotation, rotation. These rotations aren’t all that hard to do. Keep your counters up, know your positionals, etc. But they are tiresome. Think of all the old content we have now. We simply just rotation until it’s all dead. That’s all we do. It’s the only thing we do…ever. I’m not saying to get rid of all of it. But what I am saying is that it would be great if SE would start to design fights outside of the normal formula to keep it interesting instead of pretty much the same braindead fights we currently have.

While they don’t move MUCH out of the regular fight designs we have…two of my most favorite fights in the entire game is Twintania, and Ultima.

– Tank is occupied while party is off handling other mobs. A healer either heals the entire party or goes off to heal the other tank (if there is one).
– Switches to a mechanic that comes into play much later into the fight dropping links. Managing Conflag and Fireball (been a while i don’t remember the names) which while is a simple preschool color sorting mechanic, requires players to pay attention.
– Switches to divebombs where players (even though the mechanic is played other than the way it was intended by dipping into the pit) are required to work in unison to dodge the attack. (like titan’s double weight of the land)
-The snakes…more than just trash mobs. Their deaths had to be handled carefully.
-Taking out mobs with immobilized players while paying attention to a mechanic that killed you for standing in one place.

-Tanks swap while healers are put to work, party is distracted by many different aoe and primal mechanics, party having to work together to destroy the bombs by walking into it as a group (although now we are too overgeared for it to be as important.)

These fights and other raid fights are designed in such a way that they change constantly instead of repeated mechanics over and over (Every garuda fight ever plus most boss fights). Are you afraid of having a fight where you’d have to do something other than your rotations? Afraid of losing your stacks and your comfort zone that allows you to keep doing your rotations over and over? Ever changing mechanics, especially ones that take players out of their regular comfort zones (such as tanks being unable to have enmity on a target or dps unable to always have their stacks/dots up) keep the fight more interesting, adds a level of fun, and if the fights can be designed so that the mechanics are no longer ignorable, overgearing would keep it from becoming too faceroll.

While it is fun managing rotations, i think it is extremely boring if you have a fight that you are able to keep your rotations up for long periods of time. It sounds like easy mode to me.

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