For all astrologians interested to CHANGE THE THINGS

Here. Let’s us All stop creating fantomatic skills. Let’s stop acting like developers. That’s not our job. Our job it’s to play and have fun. It’s ok we can discuss till the end of times and we can enjoy it too. Confronting each other it’s very good. But stop now. Let them hear our voices.

Who, like me, wants really a change, and it’s Sick about this UNDERPOWERED UNBALANCED class post it’s really and true thinks in the link above. I think, and I’m an active astrologian player, (even if ryt now km not playing so much because I feel bored and angry) that we must raise all together. Square Enix maybe it’s already working but I doubt it. Are u blind guys? They added a potency to CU!!! DO U Really think that they will CHANGE it? I’m sure they will not! And it’s not just for CU it’s for everything. The time passed, the cards effect that theorically are good but in fact are really low, hehe cooldown on mid power skills etc. That’s y this class it’s unbalanced. We all talked about this. And please don’t come here and say : hey this class it’s not unbalanced it’s good! Because WE All know that it’s not like this. We are discussing about it since the release.

So who’s with me? But not just me. With the astrologians community! Answer my call friends

RPG gamers everywhere

You can give the developers a thousand ideas and claim they’ll work, but they have to actually make them work before implementing them. They have to make sure a change will have the impact they desire, and that it will serve its purpose in all content in the game. They’re probably less worried about some annoyed Astrologians and more so about the well-being of the game and its player-base as a whole.

To be blunt, SE has done an incredible job at taking the player base opinions into consideration, IMO, and there’s no reason to believe they’ve stopped here.

Ultimately AST needs changes because it needs to be capable of functioning on level terms with a WHM and/or SCH or it’ll be left out, however it can currently function in all the games content up to this point so it’s not broken beyond unreasonable, and not urgent. Similarly DRK isn’t on par with WAR or PLD, and I see a lot more struggle caused by DRK then by AST, and beyond that there’s the thousand other things they’re working on that some other player is complaining about not having seen added yet.

It sucks because I want to main AST but will be gearing up my WHM instead in order to avoid feeling like I’m nerfing a party, but it would be unreasonable to expect the changes to be made instantly at our discretion–It’s a new Job and it’s already seen one buff, and they’ve shown their interest in making adjustments as needed. I’m sure when they have a more concrete decision on AST, even if it’s “We won’t be adjusting”, we’ll be informed. At that points it’s reasonable to begin wining as you see fit.

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