Garlean Empire – Drafting new army recruits to conquer Eorzea!

Garlean Empire wants you, adventurers!

Are you tired of the constant conflict between the nations of Eorzea? Are you annoyed by the relentless bickerings? Are you going crazy living without a toilet or working plumbing? If you answered yes, then the Garlean Empire is your true calling! The Empire has begun her new campaign on Cactuar World! We are seeking new and experienced adventurers to fight for our righteous cause; to liberate Eorzea from its current state of chaos. Enlist into the imperial army’s free company today! Gaze upon all the benefit you will receive from enlisting into the army in our propaganda … err promotion video! We are striving towards a new domination as we completely overwhelm the three nations and set our foot in Ishgard in hopes to expand our reach towards Heavensward. Contact any Garlean soldier you see to be directed to our recruitment center! The Empire need you fellow adventurer!

Garlean Empire continues to recruit adventurer to join the effort of conquer Eorzea!

Our large mansion base, the new Castrum Merdianum, is located in Mist.

This gives us a wonderful view of the ocean to pull all the resources we need!

If you are tired of the barbaric ways of living without proper plumbing or a working toilet, then the Empire is your true calling!

Hot tub parties are one of the many benefits for enlisting in the imperial army!

Ahhh nothing beats a relaxing dip in the hot water after a hard day of serving the people!

Unless of course, you invite fellow comrades over!

As a soldier for the Empire, you will get fed 3 meals a day. So rejoice! Never go hunger again! Check out our buffet layout, we have food of every buff! Determination, Accuracy, Critical, Spell Speed, Piety, Vitality, you name it, we have it! Your tummy will thank you for joining.

Furthermore, if army reconnaissance and physical labor isn’t your thing. We welcome you to apply for one of our other field work. We have crafting facility setup no matter what your specialties is in. Fully ready to conquer Ishgard in waiting for the 3.0 expansion!

So here is a review of the application:

Free Company Name: Garlean Empire

Seeking: All job/class.

Free Company Type:

– Semi – Role Play
– Casual
– Daily and weekly dungeons such as World of Darkness queue
– Coil, we are doing unlocks at the moment
– Random Primal Extreme, happens daily.
– Crafting, all the way to 4 star.
– Raidcall usage in the near future.

Free Company Goal:

– Setting up fund and getting ready for 3.0!
– Conquer and assimilate everyone on Cactaur~

To apply, either reply here and leave your name. Or contact us in game!

We have special events each week, thus our company tag changes every week! Winner gets to pick. So try to find us if you can. XD

Our website on lodestone:

Be warned again, stop trying to raid our company mansion! These Roes … such pests. Here is another example of what will end up. And yes, we do feed you to our chocobo cavaliers.

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