General Quality of Life problems with Aetherial and Collectible Gathering

I wanted to drop a post in about a few quick and crazy complaints about the current aetheral reduction and collectability systems.

So with these two new systems a handful of idiotic problems have popped up that IMO are impossible to overlook as flawed, not fun and just insulting to players.

1) GP regen is so low you can’t properly farm Aetherial Reduction nodes.
HOW does this make sense? I understand and feel GP is balanced with regular node farming. But while farming Aetherial Reduction nodes and Collectability nodes I’m spending a good chunk of my time flying, running around and waiting for GP to regen. Very little time is spent interacting with nodes?! This is idiotic. Upgrade GP regen to compensate or something SE!

2) Upgrading your gear beyond the min breakpoint doesn’t increase your success in Aetherial or Collectable gathering!? I pushed my gear up very nicely because I have the extra money. But apparently even when you massively upgrade your gear behind X breakpoint it DOESN’T HELP! That’s right even after getting all your shiney red scrip gear upgrades you won’t be any better at Aetherial or Collectable gathering! Right now someone with the min 646 perception will gather Aetherial and Collectable nodes as effectively as someone with over 750+. Why? Because they are capping perception for the skills. Again this is completely illogical. SE’s fear of market flooding and of people ACTUALLY getting something better from progression is insane right now.

3) Three minute windows. Why on earth do we have three minute gathering windows? You’re telling me that as a player I cannot gather without having a second application, sitting beside me tracking all my nodes dinging a few mins AHEAD of the node pop so I don’t miss this tiny window? I’m sorry, gameplay should NEVER be this severely impacted because they can’t keep gold farmers in check. This is completely bizzare, in-organic, hassling behavior.

4) Minimum collectability numbers are listed only at the venders? Are you serious SE? You couldn’t list this at the node?

5) Last ditch is still broken… Skill clearly says can only be executed when item wear is at its maximum. Skill can only be used when item wear is beyond its maximum. How long exactly is this skill going to stay broken lol?

6) Out of Reach. You’re telling me my character can’t see what they are hitting or remember where its at? REALLY?

7) Bullion Cubes on script venders. You give us all of these gathering skills and yet you lock away decent food behind a vender? I’m not even sure how to respond to this decision.

8) Overlapping useful food ingredients with scrip hand ins. It certainly raises the value of the ingredients.

9) Putting nearly every single interesting gathered item on some time based node. I am literally spending 95% of my time flying around or waiting for GP. Only 5-10% is spent gathering on a NODE. Clearly this is FUN game design.

10) Mining/Bot Gathering blue/red scrips and folklore materials takes WAY too long. And too much of that time is spent flying. They literally take too long by a factor of x3 too much time IMO.

Anyway that is my rant about the terrible quality of life problems with the new aetherial and collectable gathering systems. Anyone else have others to add or thoughts?

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