Give Us Final Fantasy XIV PvP

Hey Hey Square Enix and fellow Eorzeans,

FFXIV has an increasing pvp playerbase (take a look at the pvp forum section, some threads got thousands of views and plenty of input also), we obviously love the FFXIV saga and PvE, and some of us have played it for decades.

But among us there’re PvPers, and passionate ones. and it is ok, it is certainly ok to evolve and develop new interests for certain types of gameplay. We are extending our humble request to adjust the small pvp content FFXIV offers:

The level of animosity and prejudice by “most” FFXIV players is so great it reflects the fright and negativity towards pvp in this MMO. I understand bad pvp experiences in other MMOs may have influenced these players to generalize all pvp as negative and rotten. But lets not fail to acknowledge pvp has been fun and fair in some MMOs, as a whole or fractional, such as pvp instances.

Lets note that no game, player or content is perfect. but we can attempt perfection in our games, be unbiased, neutral and respectful. FFXIV acknowledges pvp is not necessarily cheats and ganking, I am sure FFXIV recognize pvp has competitiveness, skill and strategy to offer. proof is FFXIV incorporated pvp into the game.

FFXIV was far from pefect when it first launched, Naoki Yoshida and Square Enix rolled up their sleeves and we got FFXIV: ARR. and it kicked ass!. and it continues to deliver and we got Heavensward coming up. Now, pvp is far from perfect and it is part of the game, lets fix it.

My rough estimate is that 80% to 99% of FFXIV are strictly pve inclined players. And addressing the current pvp issues is a start or one way to fix pvp for our 1%, 5% or 20% paying FFXIV playerbase that enjoys pvp:

1. Que Times. The two pvp instances in FFXIV is so minimal in content in comparison to the pve content in the game it is crucial for the pvp playerbase. Only game devs and technicians know exactly the fix. be it removing the GC and party formation restrictions and requirements. it has been stated in many forum threads pvp supporting players would not care what GC they pvp for during the instance, introduce a mercenary GC that only exist for pvp, or remove the GCs all together for the two pvp instances. Parties can easily form into just two division requirements instead of three. healers and dps/tanks = ready to go.

2. PvP rewards and Gear. So we got morale removed and no other rewards to speak of from pvping at the moment other than glamour skins. Question is what do we do once we get all glamour skins we want and the que times to pvp are horrendous?. Pleas and complaints outweighed the pro pvp playerbase. So lets design and introuduce a new reward. Perhaps gil, rankings, trophies, or a nongame-changer stat.

3. Balance. Our two pvp instances are not open world and very restricted so a fix should be very accessible. Inside FL or WD: longer cooldown on game breaking nukes, magic def pvp skills for melees that increase with distance and decrease with proximity. physical def pvp skills for ranged and casters that increase with proximity and decrease with distance. Higher HP pool. longer cooldown for certain skills or gradual degrade in their crowd control and power if repeatedly fired within certain times, for both, melees and ranged/casters. An earned pvp stat that could be applied to each players weakness, such as less time slept, silenced, stunned, etc. if we got 10 BLMs nuking X spot a constant low dps only class pull-like pvp skill would certainly help balance things out by pulling one BLM out of the nukers comfort zone to even things out abit.

The other way to address the lack of pvp and its issues in FFXIV would be to completely start fresh with new forms and options:

1. Duels. Imagine the possibility of 1v1 or even 2v2s consensual pvp anywhere any time. A simple setting of On and Off to accept duel or party vs party requests would avoid making this feature annoying to strictly pve players. Once “On’ we still have the option to reject the invitation or accept the challenge and show off infront of our friends and strangers. If the very picky players would be annoyed by fun and consensual spontaneous pvp then we can restrict duels to certain areas of the game world.

2. New pvp instances with simplied rules and ranking exposure. imagine that instead of a open wide area like FL.. a two path map obstacled by some mobs. X team on one path and Z on the other. both start at their respective safe zones and got to pve from point A to point F. at point D and E both paths got cross points where the parties can encounter each other to pvp. temporary gates and player induced mob spawns can bring variables from point D to point F of the instance. Once at point F the party that kills Boss Y wins the instance, or who ever killed the more players after the timer runs out. Winning party ears gil, potions, tickets for some pve content, etc.

3. full open world pvp would be huge and almost inconceivable in FFXIV. but a dedicated open pvp zone would work. lets call it “The Pit”. The Pit has a sign that reads “enter at your own risk! This area is open to all forms of attacks from any player and mob lurking inside”. The Pit has only two safe zones. the entrance/exit and the spectator zone. spectators can not participate unless exiting and entering the right gate. At entrance zone players choose one of three or four different teleportation zones within the Pit if they don’t want to walk off safe zone. The Pit would be for the hardcore Alpha players that want bragging rights, no rules and no Grand Companies. If FFXIV has no anticheat/hacks shield then one needs to be in place, Pit or no Pit. If you push it the Front Lines could easily accommodate The Pit.
So this is very long now. PvErs love FFXIV and are here to stay, awesome!. We got to acknowledge some of us that love and have supported FFXIV for decades are PvErs/PvPers, we deserve a spot and resouces too. If we bring fair fun pvp to FFXIV we can only bring more players. Rotten players will join you say, I say they will Not because pvp will always be minimal in FFXIV. now that minimal part has to be near perfect so some of us don’t have to get our pvp fill from other MMOs.

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