Happy FFXIV Heavensward: the things we love

I would like to thank Square-Enix, the FFXIV development team and Naoki Yoshida for the hard work and sacrifice they have put in to bring Heavensward to players. This expansion sets the precedent for what we can expect from the future of this game and I am very impressed by both the quality and quantity of the content it provides. That they were able to produce an expansion of this size while still providing significant updates to A Realm Reborn is a remarkable feat indeed.

Please use this thread to offer your thanks to the development team and share your favorite moments so far from the expansion.

My favorite things:
Field zones are the best thing in my opinion. Long have people asked for larger zones and it has been delivered, with flying no less. Each of the major flight zones has a unique personality and beautiful sights to behold. They also fulfill another popular request to make the game feel more ‘fantasy’, with wildlife and architecture that feels very alien/other-worldly.

New job skills/spells are fantastic, really add to the enjoyment of each job and fix some shortcomings they once had. I am enjoying the added complexity to dragoon and look forward to testing all the other jobs myself.

Duty Finder update and other QoL changes. Having the flexibility to return to old instances unsynced and without a full party is just a lot of fun and goes some way to increase replayability. Once I hit lv60 I shall like to replay some of that lv50 content without restrictions to see what is possible.

Amazing storyline which covers some very significant events and answers or expands upon many subjects that have long been shrouded in mystery. Also loving the evolution of the hero characters, their interactions with each other and further detailing of their history.

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