Healer Accuracy Issue

So this was from the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXIII Q&A back in July 2015:


“Q14. The healer equipment added in 3.0 is lacking accuracy. Will you be introducing gear with accuracy on it in the future?

A14. In regards to weapons, we removed accuracy from the weapons for all jobs. We did this to eliminate situations where you couldn’t use a new weapon with a high item level because it didn’t have accuracy on it. We’ve made adjustments to the required accuracy, so even without accuracy on weapons it should be easier to land hits on enemies. In regards to armor, at the start of 2.0 there wasn’t accuracy on healer equipment, but we added this later down the line. In the future if balance adjustments are necessary we may add accuracy to healer equipment again. Also, we understand that there are situations where you will not have enough accuracy when challenging 2.0 content with 3.0 weapons, and we will be addressing this. The development team did not make adjustments as if to say that healers should not to DPS.”

After doing Antitower and The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard) I think it’s time the accuracy issue gets addressed by adding an accuracy boost to Cleric’s Stance, like they did with the tanking stances, or some other solution.

And before people go “Healer’s shouldn’t DPS, I don’t want to DPS I want to heal, etc.”

If you want to just heal, fine. But healer’s have the necessary tools to be able to DPS comfortably if you learn to use them correctly. Also, this comes straight from the NPC during the healer’s Hall of the Novice training:

For those of you who are struggling with DPSing as a healer and are wondering how it can be done, here’s some tips and examples:

White Mage:
Prepull: Stoneskin
During pull after tank establishes hate on everything: Divine Seal+Regen+Asylum(Medica2 if you want but usually Divine Seal Regen does the trick) Eye for an Eye, Virus
DPS Phase: Holy’s, Aero3, Assize, Stone3 etc.
Tank’s HP starts to dip low? Take off Cleric’s Stance, Tetragrammaton(Or stay in Cleric’s Stance and use Benediction)
Notes: Divine Seal is an amazing skill that I rarely see White Mages use and should be available every pull since it’s on a short cooldown. Use it with Regen and you’ll notice how great it is. Great when paired with Medica2 as well if the party takes a big hit.

Prepull: Adloquium+Stoneskin
During pull after tank establishes hate on everything: Rouse+Fairy doing it’s thing, Eye for an Eye, Virus
DPS Phase: Shadow Flare, Bio2, Miasma, Bio, Bane, Miasma2, Broil, Ruin2 etc.
Tank’s HP starts to dip low? Take off Cleric’s Stance, Lustrate

Prepull: Stoneskin+Aspected Benefic(Noct) prepull, switch to Diurnal Sect before battle starts.
During pull after tank establishes hate on everything: Synastry tank+Aspected Benefic(Diurnal)+Collective Unconcious(Aspected Helios(Diurnal) if you want but the previous things should be fine) Disable. Optional:Time Dilation to extend the duration of the HoT’s/Card buff.
DPS Phase: Gravity, Dot’s, Malefic2 etc.
Tank’s HP starts to dip low? Take off Cleric’s Stance, Essential Dignity
Notes: As with Divine Seal, Synastry is really amazing when paired with your Aspected heals.

Again, if you want to only heal, fine. But for the healer’s that want to help out with DPSing when no healing is needed, we need this accuracy issue resolved. This will keep getting worse and worse as we go into newer content.

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