Healing through hard FFXIV speed runs

Hi all,

I’ve been playing the game for just over a month now and had a blast level 1-49 but since hitting 50 things have not been so great. I recognise there are people who have played this game and others like it for years probably but I am still learning the ropes.

I play as white mage, have done the advised cross class leveling to unlock things like swiftcast etc and got my relic. I’ve mainly been doing the main story roulette and a low level dungeon in the couple of hours I have on an evening.

On the occasions I have gone in to a hard mode dungeon I have been struggling to keep players up due to the sheer amount of mobs that are being pulled. It’s my fault… I do always saying in the chat at the start ‘I am new here.’ Tanks still bundle in and pull everything to the boss.

So really I’m asking for some help on how I can deal with this as I am clearly healing wrong here and would like to know a sufficient rotation for dealing with this please.

1. Have good gear. It really makes a big difference. If you don’t yet… ask the tank to make small pulls, hope they listen.
2. Sprint and stay with the tank.
3. Order is a little bit flexible but E4E (Eye for an Eye) and divine seal + regen.

4. Consider using Holy (don’t forget to cleric stance). It’s an AoE stun + damage, stun being the important part. You can use Swiftcast to get the first Holy off (judgment call).
4.a. I usually do between 3 and 4 holy’s. 3 if it’s a warrior/squishy tank. 4 if I have leeway. Doesn’t leave me OOM and takes advantage of the stun time.
4.b. If you see the tank popping a lot of DCDs (Sentinel + rampart + foresight for example), or possibly even their invincibility move, this is a great time to cleric and holy. The heavy healing will come when those wear off. If it’s a warrior, you can then benediction them to full, just be aware of Holmgang’s short duration.
4.c. If you make a bad call, make it a habit to benediction first, then turn cleric off and start healing (1 step vs 2). Just… don’t make bad calls too often ~.^

5. If your CDs are down or you don’t think the tank will last long enough to get off even one holy, or if you’re just low on MP, stay out of cleric. DS is up often, but don’t forget about Presence of Mind (can pop this after a regen while waiting on the GCD, since it’s an off GCD ability.)
6. If you have no good AoE DPS but the tank does huge pulls anyway… cleric + holy is a judgment call once more. It uses up a chunk of MP, but it stuns things and makes them die that much faster. Either way you’re at severe risk of going OOM in this situation; try to practice excellent MP management.
7. Particularly while DS is up, try to cure I and take advantage of Freecure procs for cure II. Judgment call on how squishy your tank is.

8. Remember that Shroud of Saints isn’t just for getting MP back; it’s enmity management. If you pull hate on something and the tank is struggling, pop it. Do not pop it at the earliest point in a pull, however, as it only halves enmity that you currently have (i.e. if you pop it because you had regen up for a pull and the tank hasn’t flashed/overpowered yet, it’s not doing much).

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