Help please/ Question about new TV and FFXIV graphics

So I just bought a new TV, which is an upgrade from my old 2007 32 inch 1080i Emerson LED HDTV. New one is a 2015 LG 42LF5600 42 inch 1080p 60hz LED HDTV. The new one has a much better input lag rate of 29ms, which is considered great. This means good for gaming, though I never even noticed input lag on older TV.

Basically this made me happy because FFXIV on PS4 supports 1080p, which means I should be able to see any PS4 game in its full quality rather than the 1080i of old TV. The issue I have is finding the right settings. I think I found it after some tweaking. When I first tried all of the default picture settings, including game mode, the picture still seemed not that great, like it had a glow and looked kind of grainy. So after turning it to game mode I then turned sharpness down to 15 from like 20 something and turned color up from 60 to 80, and both of these seem to of made picture much clearer. I did this after some research saying that depending on the TV turning sharpness down could make it better or worse. For my TV, turning down seems to improve things.

But the issue I’m having is when the sun comes up in the game and you see the shadows move across the ground (I tested this in Gridania in the lower outdoor area under the Leatherworkers guild), I notice they move in a juttery way, like they stop for a millisecond here and there as they move, like skipping rather than a smooth movement. Is this my TV or is it normal? Nothing else in the game moves like that. Even though I’ve played since beta, I never payed close enough attention to the moving shadows to notice.

All in all I am wondering how do you get the best settings to ensure your TV is showing the game at max quality? Anyone else that has an HDTV displaying at 1080p with PS4 should be able to help, especially if it’s an LG TV, though most TVs have similar settings and adjustable scales.

EDIT: Oddly, shadows of idle stuff just moving a little side to side doesn’t jutter and moves smoothly, and the same goes for all other shadows including player shadows even continuously moving one direction. So it’s only shadows moving continuously one direction due to sun coming up like the plant shadows I tested it on.

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