Here they are! All 8 crafting classes in their new FFXIV Heavensward outfits!

Here they are! All 8 crafting classes in their new Heavensward outfits!

Despite doing as much “favor gathering” as I could, and gathered most of the 1 star mats as well myself, I am still broke now… spent approx 160 million ffxiv gil on favor mats, 2 star mats, materia, landborne/leafborne/seaborne aethersand and Fieldcraft demimateria III. But hey, one gotta make oneself happy with one’s own gil, right? Not much of a point hoarding all that money if it doesn’t give happiness!

And in the end, it was way more than just paying gil. It was a crap load of end-game 2 star crafting. I learned a lot in the process.

Now, not only that I have achieved quite outstanding near-zenith stats (from the nearly-capped overmelds except chest, MH & OH), but I actually look pretty with all my classes I do remember myself whining about every class looking super boring with the Artisan’s Apron back in ARR end-game. Hey now! No more whining! All 8 classes looking fabulous!

I did not like my leatherworker’s chest-piece (it made me look fat ), so I simply glamored it with Iroha’s samurai outfit from the seasonal event. I find it surprisingly fitting very well with the leatherworker hat, gloves and boots.

I also glamored my ARM and CUL gloves. ARM gloves were gigantic and reaches the upper arm, making me look like having “severely-injured arms in plaster”. CUL gloves were not really gloves, but just some kind of palm cover… I believe my current gloves look a lot cuter <3

I also glamored my LTW and ALC with a skirt, which I find prettier than their authentic pants. The leatherworker pants actually comes with a very sassy belt, which I like. However, the belt can never be shown unless I wear a very skimpy top.

Originally, I was very reluctant to make so many gear… I was hoping to grab some i180, which saves me the trouble. But after knowing that the HQ i170 hat/gloves each gives 9 more craftsmanship, and pants/boots each gives 4 more CP than the i180, I got greedy, and went i170 instead.

Then there’s the chest, which i180 is actually nice on stats, since it requires no melds, and it has the 4 CP. But damn, it cannot be DYED… sorry, glamor is important… so I crafted the chest too.

As for mainhand and offhand, I want 4 CP on them, so I crafted them as well… Thus, at the end, I have zero i180.

I’ll post my stats later… currently FC control II buff is active, so my screenshots show a “deceiving amount” of control. 😛

I found that 832 craftsmanship is actually a good amount to have. You DO NOT need to meld anything on chest, MH and OH, and you do not even need to max the +1 craft on boots and pants, and you can still reach this amount! The reason why 832 is good, is because after eating the easy-to-make Baked Onion Soup, one can reach 860 craft, and that amount allows one to take up to 3 trick of trades, and renewing the CZ during the MaMA+FS phase in Rath’s 2 Star Rotation (With 860 craft, you only need 1070 progress in the MaMa phase, and you can still complete the item with 3x CS II). It adds a lot of room-for-failed FS’s / flexibility for Tricks. You will have 2 fewer CP than eating Seafood Stew, and you will have 31 fewer control. But if you’re already penta-melded with i170, you have plenty of control anyway.

As for specialist classes, 845 is my recommendation due to its convenience with making those ingots/cloths/pterodactyl (1 star 35 durab). It’s easy to reach this amount of craft. If you have 832 craft without melding the chest yet, then all you need is 3x Competence III on the chest (temporary melds), and you will reach >845.

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