How do you FFXIV level alts quickly?

I just returned after taking a break from 2.1

I’m a 50 SMN, BLM, and MNK. I managed to eat up all possible quests for leveling those from every faction zone. I have the caster pre-reqs cross class FFXIV Skills.

But good god, it sucks for melee. Blood for Blood is lv34, and it’s just such a chore now to level.

FATE parties are not what they used to be when I was here at 2.1, the leveling areas are now very sparse/empty. My Lancer is 28 now….slowly slogging through the few FATES he can cycle through.

So the options are the daily low lv dungeon and guildhest. The dungeon alone is 40 minutes of wait times, so it’s not like you can level just by doing dungeons.

Is there a new way to level that I’m missing? Because I’m only leveling Lancer for Blood for Blood, and the thought of leveling thief and Ninja to 50 makes me nauseous knowing that FATE grind parties/zones are much fewer now so the big events aren’t even done anymore, and as a DPS class dungeon queues are horrendously long.

They could have at least allowed the 50% XP bonus to work on battle leves and buff the xp gain from battle leves… players have something else to do for xp besides sitting on a 40 minute dungeon queue and standing around waiting for one of the few FATEs that people actually do to pop up.

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