How to Spooky Paladin – FFXIV DRK Tanking Talk

I hate theorycrafting. But I love to talk shop on set classes. And I was just curious on the thoughts of my RPC Homies.

I should start off by saying that I am a filthy dirty casual who is only halfway to 54 and so should give up playing noob git gud. That said, I wanted to jaw about how I feel about tanking stuffs as a Spooky Paladin, what I feel I’ve learned, and what others think. Even if their thoughts extend no further than “dirty casual give up playing noob git gud”.

In the few light party actions I’ve taken, I find the opening salvo of DRK to be involved but ultimately engaging. I toss out an Unmend, fire off Unleash, line up a Dark Passenger then tick off the Blood Price skill, usually followed by either my enmity combo or another Unleash to enmity combo. It’s worked out reasonably well, though I still find myself outclassed by some DPS, either through a failure of rotation, personal positioning or a Ninja weilding a Zeta.

I recently got Salted Earth. Not sure how that ties in, but I wanna tie it in. Figure moar dots can only help my cause, no? Tied with Plunge Cut and I assume that I’ll have some pretty well-established aggro before most can close distance.

Unless I’m wrong. See above.

Ultimately, though, I love the feel and how I kinda have to look out for myself in the process of tanking. I think I could stand to have some more HP so I feel like a reset of all points to VIT would be good as I find myself being gnawed on in sort of short order if I’m not caeeful. The class doesn’t seem to lend itself well to speedrunning, which I don’t mind. I’m not a speedrunner. Don’t cry, little BLM, the Leave button will soothe your swift clear tears.

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