I played FFXIV last summer

So I played FFXIV last summer and by the time I quit due to various reasons I’ve ended up with an Elezen 34 Thaumaturge and 15 Arcanist on Balmung. The last thing I really remembered is helping some fairy folk out near Gridania somewhere? When I logged back on I was at Camp Bronze Lake and the remembered the story about the rat-like people (kobolds?).

The only quest I had except one for leves of quarrymill was to use the duty finder and destroy Titan, which I did. I’m headed back now to talk to Y’shtola (is there an agreed pronunciation of her name?). The cutscene at the end had a lot of people in fancy armor, which rang a vague memory bell – Garleans I think? And the masked man I remember.

All of this is fuzzy for me, haha, but I am starting to remember some gameplay mechanics but I still feel like a newbie all over again, except thrown in the middle of the fray! Haha. But anyways, would anyone mind catching me up on the storyline between the beginning and Titan at level 34? And any other tips are good too. Thanks!

The questline between approximately 1 and 15 varies depending on your starting city but you ultimately perform various deeds that help raise your reputation amongst your peers and (eventually) people of influence. Along the way you meet certain members of a group you later discover to be from an organisation dubbed the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.
Each city state’s storyline climaxes at a key event where you finally earn recognition from the state’s leader.

-For Gridania, you protect a the sacred Guardian Tree(correct me if I’m wrong) from an Ixalia horde under the influence of Ascian intervention.

-For Limsa Lominsa, I think you protect an important ship-to-be from being destroyed by a horde of… Goblins? I’m assuming Ascian influence here too.

-For Ul’dah, something of great importance was stolen by a malicious group of thugs(crown?) and you help recover it. You fight an ascian afterwards just like with the other two. Their involvement with the robbery, however, I cannot say.

Regardless of where you started, you are subsequently brought before your state’s respective leader who comes to realise you are chosen by Hydaelyn for a greater purpose and later assign you the task of serving as an envoy to deliver a message to each of the other leaders regarding a remembrance party for those lost in the calamity(?).

From here on out, the stories merge and you do a number of odd quests and dungeons and, after coming to the aid of a woman being threatened by a thug and his cronies in the streets of Ul’dah, are met by the same member of the Scions whom you have bumped into on numerous occasions already preceding this. They recognise your talents(namely the echo) and moral deeds and invite you to come to their Headquarters.

From here you lend your aid to the Scions and begin a number of quests, all whose objectives gravitate around the pursuit of Ascians whom have been up to no good in various parts of the realm. For one such questline, you are investigating kidnappings which later turn out to be orchestrated by the same thug from Ul’dah, and discover that he is selling innocent civilians to the Amalj’aa for tempering by luring them in under the pretence that he(feigning to be a man of the church) can offer them succor. You apprehend him and work together with the Immortal Flames to put an end to this by forcing him to arrange a meeting with the Amalj’aa. However, the Amalj’aa know about this ambush in advance due to a traitor within the Flames’ ranks working alongside the thug and the Amalj’aa, and heavily outnumber your forces, leading to your capture.

Everyone(including the two men aiding the Amalj’aa) are brought for tempering before the now-summoned Ifrit and all bar you lose their will and become mindless slaves to the primal. The echo protects you from tempering and noting this, a battle ensues from which you prove victorious.

Having defeated a primal, you are asked to join one of the Grand Companies, each one wanting you among their ranks.

Some more quests chasing leads on Ascian presence and also some quests relating to Sylphs where there were misplaced(as it turned out)concerns about their primal, Ramuh, being summoned(correct me if I’m wrong).

You hear that Titan, the Kobold God, is expected to be summoned very soon so you set out to fight him on his home ground before he can pose an even worse threat to Limsa Lominsa. Searching for members of the Company of Heroes(who are famous for having slain Titan), you soon find yourself sent on a myriad of quests which later turns out to be their idea of testing your worth to take on the primal as opposed to sending any random, would-be hero to their death. Eventually, using the information they gave you, they arrange a meeting between you and a man named Riol who, with the help of the scion Y’shtola, earn you access a Kobold aetheryte to reach Titan underground right before he is summoned.

After vanquishing him and reporting to the Maelstrom officer who provided you with information when you first began, you get a call from Minfillia(leader of the Scions) over the linkshell congratulating you on your success and bidding you return at your nearest convenience(for nothing particularly urgent as I recall).

You return to their headquarters and plot happens.

(If you are past this point then I can summarise more. I apologise for the very hasty and messy attempt I made here).

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