I really would like alexander normal to be a little more challenging

I enjoy playing “mid-core” content in this game, meaning harder encounters but still encounters that do not require a static group and countless tries and fails. Old extreme primals would be a good example of this. In this current patch we do not really have that, as nobody is doing bismarck ex (I have tried to get a group going many times), alex normal is very easy, and alex savage is hard as fuck.

You get ilvl190 gear from normal alex, so i though initially that the encounters would be the same difficulty level as old extreme primals when they came out. But no, I was actually kinda disappointed as the only floor that has any challenge is a4, and that is also pretty much dependent on healers, being a healer myself after I did the fight like 2 times and learned when the tank buster comes it no longer feels like any challenge and is actually very easy. I belong to pretty casual fc that, on top of everything is also kinda taking a break right now, so I do not really have the opportunity (nor do i really have the commitment in me to tackle these) to try the most challenging content (a3s and a4s).

It would have been so good if a1 would have been the same difficulty level as a4 is right now and then build up from there, eventually leading to the same difficulty level as ravana ex or so. completing alex every week just does not bring the “yay I did it” feeling that I got from content like BCoB turn 1 in 2.0 or beating leviathan extreme when it came out. I have heard that a1s and a2s are much easier than a3s and a4s so maybe I will try to form a party and try these when I get better gear but I doubt it.

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I really hope they will make the next floors harder.

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