I tried logging in with a character on a different data server

I was disconnected suddenly from my character on Excaliber at about 7pm cst. I was told by other people in my free company that I was auto-logged offed and tried to reconnect. I am unable to connect to the server and am given the same 10105 error trying to log in every time.

I tried logging in with a character on a different data server (Balmung) and had no issue logging in. I was in duty finder at the time, but not in an instance. I was trying to access a summoning bell clientside, but according to free company people, I disconnected before doing that.


Something brought up on one of the other threads – people were saying it seems to only be their “Main” character they cant log in but alts log in fine. This struck me as odd also – though in my case 1 of my “ALTS” is the same level and “I Level” as the character I consider my “MAIN”. I am wondering if its positional – like character in FIRST character slot is the problem – anyone have a character they cant log into that isn’t in the first slot?

I figure since they haven’t replied in either thread on this subject that they have no clue what’s going and and are still looking into the problem and/or excuse as to why these threads haven’t been responded to. Either way aall I know is that I just had to re-register because my “recurring sub” mysteriously didn’t recur with cash in the back. So either way daylight is burning and I’m getting more and more perturbed since that maintenance on primal that didn’t seem to do anything at all.

I’m on Faerie and tried logging in after logging out at around 2am and nearly 12hours later I come back after sleeping. Finding myself in a queue to log in and then i get the 90002 error as well. They don’t even know all their servers effected apparently. Faerie only has queues when there’s a mass DC…we’re too small to have a queue all the time.

I don’t even make it passed log in. I get a 500+ queue then when it goes to actually load me into the game I get the 10105 error on Sargatanas. I can get on my character on Primal data center on Behemoth though so I guess I will hover over here for a while.

Just had this happen to me on Jenova server. I was in Duty Finder for Void Ark and then I was kicked out and can’t get back in. I logged on to Primal server on my Malboro character and there was no problem.

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