[Idea]New Retainer Features

I feel retainers don’t have much use outside of ventures and being a bank/seller. I thought of some ideas of things retainers could probably do to make them more useful as well as ventures.

FATE Hunting:
Sends your retainer out to a certain area notifies the player of the FATEs that pop up in the map(Like when something sells on the MB). For example you send your retainer to the Central Shroud because you’re looking for “In Spite Of It All”. It shows you the name of each FATE that spawns in the area. Your job is to go there when the name of the FATE you want comes up. The Venture can be deactivated early of course.
Price: 5 Ventures = 1hr
Limits: Can only have 2 retainers using it at a time(this is to an advantage of paying)

The Hunt: Allied
Sends your retainer to all the guilds so they can gather info about hunt news. Notifies the player of when an A or S Rank appears and gives the <pos>. Can also be deactivated early.
Price: 25 Ventures = 1hr
Limits: Another retainer can’t hunt for allied hunts if one is already doing it

The Hunt: Centurio
Same concept as Allied.

NOTE: The reason why Hunt ventures ask for so many ventures is so it won’t be spammed all day easily(Unless you are carrying a ton). It’s for quick access to hunts and the tomes/seals they give. Hunting LS should still exist as many may not be able to afford so many Ventures so Hunt LS can still call out. And no more illegal(technically) stuff like 3rd party hunt finders

The Hunt: Allied B Rank and The Hunt Centurio B Rank
Concept basically the same as the other hunt ventures. but for B Ranks.
Price: 10 Ventures = 10min
Limit: Only 1 Retainer PER area. Only 2 Retainers can go out at a time.

NOTE: The price for this is because it’s an instant pass for your hunt and where to find it. Heck I’d love this thing..

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