If you don’t have a Final Fantasy XIV house and complaining

I think you’re lucky, because at the very least your money is still in your pocket. I’m not sure how you will take it, but I think people with private housing has it far worse.

The main reason is it seems private housing is all but forgotten to the developer. When it was introduced 2.38, private housing were every bit a piece the same as FC house from their cost to function, and that’s how most people assume how it gonna be going forward. After all, the main reason was that we wanted all the benefit of an FC house, but with our personal control instead having to share or controlled by others. But pretty much every piece of major contents released for housing have been FC house exclusive. Private housing has been left out for dried.

This greatly contribute to the death of neighborhood. I haven’t touched my house for at least 6 months now because there is no reason to. Sure I come back once in a bluemoon to put in a new piece of furniture, but that’s it. And here it presents another major problem with the housing market – it’s heavily punish private housing to change hand – both on the buyer and seller side.

– For those who don’t own a house, there is a stupid system in place that all the major house decor can’t be retrieved once place. So if a house is relinquish, they’re gone for good. And a medium house unless the owner don’t care about it, probably have furniture worth at least half of the house itself, wouldn’t be a surprise if the decor of a mansion is worth as much as the house itself.

– For FC house it’s not an issue because the house can be transferred. This provides 2 advantages: first the buyer don’t have to “double pay” for the seller to relinquish the land and rebuy it. Secondly, how much furniture inside the house can be used as a negotiation point. In the end, the seller lose less, and the buyer pay less.

– For private housing, not only there is the double pay in place, the irretrievable furniture discourage a lot private homeowner from selling their house even if they want to. Take me for example, I want to sell my house, but I don’t want to write off all of my decor. So I have to include part of it in my listing price, and, understandably, if someone on the market for a house – especially for private use – they will find the asking price too much, and understandably I also will not go down with my price either. I don’t want to sell for a profit, but if I have to incur a large loss to sell it, than I’ll just keep it.

So you end up with people like me (which I doubt the only one), who want to sell the house but still stubbornly hold into it unless there is an FC desperate enough for a house and cough up the money for it. Again if you say “so lower your price if you want to sell it”, than my answer is “as someone who manage enough to buy a house in the first place, I’m not desperate with gil enough to sell my house at a loss”. So, it’s a lose-lose situation.

The last part is to add to the many existing discussions about housing. A lot of people assumed dead neighborhood was because people stop playing, and that’s only partially true. My neighborhood is dead, but pretty much everyone in the area are still playing. I know because we have a LS for the neighborhood and we all pretty much talk to each other everyday, it’s just all of us stay at our FC house instead of our private house. If there is a way to make private house ownership easy to transfer like with FC house, I bet a lot of people will be more than happy to part with their house ATM.

I know there are a lot of bad blood between those who have a house and those who have not. But I want you to know we owner have our own beef to deal with, and that is we are for the most part largely forgotten by the developers. I want private house enjoy the same new content as FC house, failing that make it easy to transfer and I would be more than happy to put my house back to the market. And again, if you want a house for private use and don’t have one, consider yourself lucky. We can agree on one thing, is that the housing system is messed up.

On that note, I have a medium house on Gilgamesh that I want to sell if anyone is interested. But if you want to buy I hope you have the money, since I want to sell it, but I’m not in desperate need to sell it. (And unless you’re buying it for your FC, it’s NOT worth it to buy it for private house).

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