In regards to a replacement prize for the earrings


I couldn’t agree more. I’m not going to get top ten, never will – but to replace the top ten reward with something so pathetically small and unnoticeable is offensive and patronising to a community that is already struggling. Earrings are literally the most unnoticeable thing you could possibly get in the game… Hardly fitting for those who work tirelessly to reach the ranks and points needed from day one.

I can only hope that the achievement to get the minion is just as time-consuming as achieving top ten. 1000 feast wins. 2000 feast games. PvP has desperately needed something to attract people to it — a minion can, and is, doing that, but due to complaints is now getting removed.

In regards to a replacement prize for the earrings… Personally, I think it should 100% be the minion still. To the people complaining about how this minion is an insult to minion collectors… What abot retired minions? Yokai minions, for example, that are now unavailable… Why not complain about them? Why not complain about the as8 faust minion? Not everything in this game is meant to be so easily available.

I am a really devoted PvP player and have been pvping on this game since wolves den/fold came out. I have placed in top 100 twice now, and plan on continuing to do so. However if the rewards are just ‘earrings’ or other small, nearly unseen thing, and everything cool is handed out like candy to even non top-100 I will probably move on to a different place to pvp.

If SE had announced that only the first 10 players in each data center that collected enough Yo-Kai medals and cleared A8 savage got those minions I would have expressed disappointment about them as well. It’s not a matter or difficulty so much as that it was outright impossible for everyone interested to get the Feast minions regardless of effort.

This is stupid as all hell. I PvP when I feel like it, however I don’t compete on the top tier scene like I would normally do on PvE content. Therefore, I have no need to be able to get this minion that is set apart specifically for PvP-oriented players. Let them have their stuff. PvE-oriented players already have our own stuff (like Savage mounts, etc.). There’s nothing stopping either group of people from competing for the other exclusive rewards other than the fact that raiding isn’t a seasonal thing. Still, there’s no reason not to allow the PvP crowd their own exclusive stuff.

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