“Interesting Stats” Idea: Sub-Materia Concept

Ever since we got the ability to put materia in our gear we have gotten 1 small step closer to having more interesting stats and being able to customize our gear. I think there is a way the next step can be taken.

This concept will not involve deep stat customization like Rampart +3% or Full Thrust +5% Crit Rate

This concept was thought up while taking into account how hard it would be for the devs to create such a thing and balance of characters.
So the base of idea: We have elemental materia in this game that is not used in battle at all. These include:
– Ice Materia
– Fire Materia
– Lightning Materia
– Water Materia
– Earth Materia
– Wind Materia

I have heard the elemental resistance stat can effect the damage of attacks when a potion is used. But no one would want to switch out primary materia such as Critical or Determination for an elemental stat. Plus they may need to be stacked.

Now, there are also what I would call.. Hidden Stats. These are stats that are boosted by abilities frequently or have a clear numerical value but do not have an actual visual number. These include:
– Evasion
– Enmity
– Critical Hit Intake
– Healing Recovery
– Healing Restoration
– Vulnerability

I would really like to be able to see the real stat numbers for these. As they most definitely exist. Especially Enmity. I suspect that Enmity is measured as a stat and has a potency on attacks(that much is proven). If we could increase this stat, it should be as simple as putting in Str V materia to increase power and such. We could stack Evasion to dodge attacks or stack Healing Recovery to have more powerful heals on players.

Lastly we have the other side stats that can be made into materia. These stats are in-game, have numbers, but virtually no way to increase. These include:
– Sleep Resistance
– Paralysis Resistance
– Poison Resistance
– Stun Resistance
– Blind Resistance
– Slow Resistance
– Heavy Resistance
– Punt Resistance
– Defense
– Magical Defense

I would really like these to be you know… useful? And It would be quite nice to have the option to manually increase gear defense.

The Concept: Here’s how this will work, with the power of Photoshop, I created an example of the gear window.

The previous stats listed may all be categorized as sub-materia. As they are not important enough to switch out Crit/Det/SS etc. So it would be more effective and useful to create a separate category to allow for more freedom. All of these stats are fairly passive and will not effect damage output which is much safer to implement and balance than some other stats/upgrades that include battle attacks.

Usage: It would be great if these materia could be manually placed and removed to avoid hassle. Either that or remove the dang Unique lock on gear, I have no idea why there is a Unique lock on tome gear that cannot be sold or traded anywhere that’s not yourself.

And what harm would there be if you could buy 3 chest pieces if it’s your decision? It would make for much needed gear presets. “Oh I’m doing Garuda? Let me take off my fire-modded chestpiece and put on the wind-modded chestpiece” for example. This would offer for much deeper planning and customization..

And there would be much less of a fear of the “Illusion of Choice” besides the basic “Ifrit is fire, I should use fire materia!” Or “I don’t want to get hit as much. Let me get evasion.”

(I almost forgot!)Accessibility: Sub-Materia could be obtained via NPCs who convert your gear. To avoid crowding these guys should be placed in various areas.. Into these materias. With the chances of getting what you want being at random WITH EXCEPTION TO gear that already has resistance stat in it. Like a Ramuh weapon has a higher chance of giving Lightning than a Garuda. Weapons/Armor that lack these stats, have an equal chance to get anything.

ALL materia can be tradeable and sellable…

To be honest I can’t see how this concept would be painstakingly hard to create.

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