Is this a common thing for tanks to do?

Doing large pulls that is, and missing aoe aggro on some mobs.

The other day while I was healing, a tank was running and missed several mobs with flash. While running, their HP was getting low, so obviously I had to toss a heal on them.

When I did, the mobs doubled back for me and got in enough hits to interrupt my casts a few times, and they dropped us both to low health.

When the tank suddenly got aggro on them after several seconds, the added strength of the mobs that were attacking me finished him off while I was trying to heal myself because one more round of attacks would have killed me, but the tank was further away from dying from the mobs attacking him. He also got vulnerability up on himself from the vines (AK HM).

He raged at me as if it was my fault we died.

Why do some tanks not think it a good idea to ensure every mob they’re pulling has been hit, even if it means stopping for a second before continuing to the next group? I never have this problem when tanks do that….a tank stopping for a second may take a few more hits for couple of seconds, but at least then I can heal them if necessary.

He just ate damage fast enough while running forward that he lost the mitigation I put on him, possibly due to the vines increasing the damage he was taking from the mobs while running.

The damage from stopping if necessary to hit everything is indeed a little higher, but I find that far better as a healer and less stressful than a tank who pulls recklessly and continues running without building aggro on some mobs while their health dwindles from the occasional attack of mobs chasing them. That’s what mostly happened in this situation, by the end of the vine hallway, he was already lower than half health and had mobs coming from the end of the room that he pulled with a shield lob to one of the mobs and had stopped, so the mobs chasing him were all about to hit as well.

My first heal to him pulled several of them to me, some of the ones chasing him and the ones coming from the end of the room, and he was slow to get them off. If he had ensured he had aggro on the ones chasing him and ran forward to flash the ones heading into the hall before running back, I would have been able to safely heal him without pulling aggro.

But yeah, when I tank I’m usually able to get aggro without stopping. If I do need to stop for a second to hit everything with AoE, I do though. I notice less frantic healing during the running and during the stopping spot too really. Healers being able to safely top you off (or keep you alive during running) in preparation for the big damage increase when you finally end the pull seems to be the better thing to do in my experience. If you happen to need healing during running (as in this case for ensuring the tank would survive the sudden increase in damage once stopped) and you didn’t bother getting aggro on everything, you’re in for a bigger headache than you would be if you stopped if needed but let the healer heal safely.

Bad pulling/tanking on his part all around in any case though.

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