It’s a total rip-off to charge extra for additional storage space

I paid for the game. I paid for the expansion. I pay a monthly fee just to play the game. All that is fine. What is not fine is paying anything more than that for functionality in the game. You want to charge extra for purely cosmetic items? Fine, that’s the world we live in now (game companies are greedy). However, I should NOT be made to pay an additional monthly fee for additional bank space, a core functionality of any MMO.

This is so wrong, it’s really not even funny. There are other MMOs that charge for bank space, and you know what? They charge you a one-time fee for the “service”. And you know what else? they’re all free-to-play! And even then, a great many of them offer in-game ways to earn the currency/services you’d otherwise purchase with real money. What, you’re not making enough off your sales and 4 million subscriptions? Because by my calculations, that’s well over 40 million per month, which makes this a half-a-billion-per-year game in subs alone.

I agree that it’s a total rip-off to charge extra for additional storage space especially with their system strongly encouraging players to level several classes on one character and having to deal with a shitload of gear because of that. But nothing stops you from “winning” the game with less storage space, you are in no way inferior to players who DO have extra space, so…yeah, no p2w here.


No, it’s pay-to-win. If I have to choose what I’m saving and what I’m throwing away while someone who is paying extra doesn’t have to make that choice? Then later you realize, oh crap, I should have saved that, while the extra-paying person goes on to “win”. Nevermind that retainers do more than just hold your stuff. Leveling crafting is much easier with a bunch of retainers gathering materials, rather than 2.

Pay to win is anything that you can spend real money on that gives you some sort of advantage. More inventory space IS an advantage. Yes, it is also a convenience, but that does not change it from being pay to win. And that ignores the other advantages that more retainers bring – more Ventures, for more stuff gathered, either targeted stuff or from some random list; and the ability to sell more stuff on the marketboard, resulting in a potentially greater inflow of gil.

I agree with you. It’s BS. But your main argument shouldn’t be the inventory space. You don’t need 50 stacks of animal leather nor 20 full stacks of dodo loins. Your main argument should be the increased amount of ventures/hr and market board space. That is what gives an unfair advantage because they rake in more than the average player… actually getting a return for their money.

Inventory space just needs proper management. Especially with all the food items that SE is throwing at you with end game quests.If you don’t need it get rid of it. Sell it, NPC it, Use it, whatever. If you are a hoarder then that’s a personal issue. Now armory space should be increased… so many times… so many… “Insufficient Armory Chest space”.

Inventory space can be fixed therefore it’s not “pay 2 win”. It’s a luxury. Additional ventures/hr and market board space, however, can’t be gotten through in-game means. It HAS to be paid for. Therefore THAT is pay2win.

No one seems to understand that more retainers doesn’t just mean more space,
its more space to sell your loot on the market, an extra 20 per retainer, that literally means you’re able to make millions more in gil in the same amount of time than someone with just two. And it means more ventures, which are easy to acquire if you cap allied seals (thats a 1000 ventures), I made my retainer get the new leather items and sold them instantly for 100k, Thats 100k from a single venture. Now imagine that times 8.

That’s the keyword. for you. Some people would rather craft/gather than do coil/alexander. Some people would rather rake in as much money as they can. There’s no wrong way to play as long as they are enjoying themselves. Buying more retainers isn’t going to help you clear end game raids any easier so yes, people are talking about making more gil. Because that’s what retainers do. Gather ingredients and sell items. Basically make gil.

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