It’s not that we are not doing anything to gear up

End game, BC runs, we will get there, but what’s the rush? What will you do then when you have gotten everything? It’s not that we are not doing anything to gear up, but we are gearing up. Some of us have become addicted to crafting! And even fishing!

We cannot guarantee that you will always get help from our people, but if we can take some time off to help you progress, we will. Whether it is questions, whether it is to get a party to run some dungeons, we will try our best to serve your needs. (I myself want to run the Brayflox dungeon for the sets)

Our FC chats can get a little crazy at times. If worst comes to worst, just give a /t to us to get our attention. That’ll stand out from party chats, FC chats, LS chats, Shouts, you know, it can get a little exhausting)


I am currently interested in moving to a new server, like Tonberry, I’d like to basically find people I could play with, do coil raids etc, since my server is dead and almost every single geared person left, and the ones that are still around, either have already their static group, or just try to pug members to do stuff together, but its really hard again due the playerbase.

Thanks for all the interest in our guild. The good news is that I now have more officers to help me with this recruitment. The names has been updated, and hopefully anyone of them will be online to help Rest assured we will also try to find you all if you leave a post here.

Sure! just submit your application in game or add me: Sille Kupo as up in game! We will try to contact you shortly, as most of us are at work, we can only reply you in the evening SGT.

Imma returning player. Rogue pulled me backed in, though I haven’t played since 2.1. Looking forward to starting new with you guys. Umm… Tried the searching thing, nothing came up out of all the names listed.

Hello. I’m interested in joining up! I live in Japan but I’m from the US, so English is no problem. I play mostly on my days off from work, so Sunday and Monday, and a little bit on Saturday nights sometimes.

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