I’ve played a character off and on with each major release of FFXIV

Completely botched character progression after account restoration

Here’s the gist of my story:

– I’ve played a character off and on with each major release of FFXIV. When A Realm Reborn was released, I created a new character.
– I got that character up to a 50 WHM with a significant number of MSQ completed.
– I had a non-trivial amount of gil and teleport points, as is expected from playing the game up to a certain point.
– I got bored with the game and suspended my character/account.

Fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago:

– I purchased Heavensward with the intent of continuing my character and picking the game back up.
– When I restored my SAME character (Ureu Mono on Hyperion) successfully, I logged back in.

Here’s what I had:

– My character was a 50 WHM, and I had all my items.
– I had about 4k gil, which was completely wrong.
– I had a few of my mounts.
– My retainers still existed and they seemed to have had all their items.

Here’s where things got messed up:

– I had SEVEN MSQ quests completed. That’s it.
– I had ONE Conjurer class quest completed. I had ZERO WHM job quests completed.
– I had a handful of teleport points available to me.
– I could NOT use the airship, duty finder, or ANY of the other things that are unlocked as you play through the game.

I basically was a level 50 WHM character with practically zero story progression. Which is impossible. I could use my mounts…but I had not even unlocked that capability in the storyline yet. I had all my 50 WHM and CNJ spells…yet I had only a single CNJ story quest finished. Which is impossible.

Here’s the CNJ quest I had completed:

Way of the Conjurer Lv. 1

The game requires the ENTIRE CNJ quest line to be completed before the WHM job can be obtained, correct? Well, mine wasn’t.

The very unhelpful support agent I spoke with on the phone kept insisting that I never completed these quests in the first place. He said it was quite possible to get 50 WHM without doing any CNJ OR main story quests at all. He clearly doesn’t actually know anything about the game.

So that’s it. Both GMs and customer support agents are unwilling to do anything despite several individual attempts to contact them. No, I don’t want to replay all the same crap again. I bought the game and paid my monthly fees with the intent that my character’s progress would be maintained when I continued again.

Every single person I spoke to both in game and friends in real life admitted that my character was messed up, doing stuff like watching a 50 WHM walk up to the first-available Aetheryte in the game to attune it. Or not being allowed to ride an airship since I hadn’t “gotten to that point in the story”, according to my character’s messed up quest line. I had two retainers, yet the game wouldn’t let me create any, because, again, “I’m not supposed to have retainers yet.”

SE, I just want you to know how disappointed I am that your support didn’t actually listen to my problem or investigate my character’s account AT ALL. Even the newest employee could INSTANTLY realize that my character is messed up just by taking a few looks at my quest journal. But they didn’t.

I was excited about Deep Dungeon and stuff. But I just feel so helpless since it’s hard to contact them. Phone support said contact a GM. “We can’t actually fix anything related to the game itself. Just SE accounts.” GM ticket guy gave me a generic reply. “GM has determined that this is not an issue we can fix. Please contact SE Support at…” Back and forth.

The guy on the phone basically said I was lying. As I was replaying some of the main quests again just so I could get to other major cities, I remember seeing ALL that stuff before, back in 2.0. But he wouldn’t believe me.

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